Every Disney Channel Show Ever

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly

    $50 bucks says Disney picks this up for two seasons!

  • Baxter

    This needs to be a real Disney Channel show

  • Corrupted818

    You could have done the original name of Hannah Montana Alexis Texas

  • bread

    I zoned out for a bit and actually thought I was watching a Disney channel show

  • Fluffynoory

    Ok so everyone knows that Shayne was on icarly but does anyone know that ian was on the show sam and cat

  • vaness turn
    vaness turn

    Noah without glasses and that hair looks like spider man when he turned bad.

  • Flaming X
    Flaming X

    Bizaardvark was actually kinda good on Disney channel

  • Percy Olimpo
    Percy Olimpo

    5:08 YES

  • Michael Henville
    Michael Henville

    It boggles my mind that videos like this can be made but playing one song in your video will get copyright ban and your entire vid taken down. Hahahah love it

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T

    Beauregard is the perfect fusion of Mr. Moseby from 'Suite Life' and Bertram from 'Jessie.'

  • Future IPF Record Breaker
    Future IPF Record Breaker

    So cringe but forking accurate.

  • Kim's Family
    Kim's Family


  • mamasitamelinda


  • The Dude
    The Dude


  • Nicholas Rey
    Nicholas Rey

    Man, I watched this video like 20 times and only now I figured out that shayne's charecter is a reference to Cody of Zack and Cody .

  • oof plays
    oof plays


  • Jeremy

    Are we not talking about how Lianas friends broke into her house in the morning and started making breakfast? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mario Vanni
    Mario Vanni

    I have the same clock as the one in the shorts

  • Abdulqadir Ahmed
    Abdulqadir Ahmed


  • aria Jones
    aria Jones

    I’m richer then your dad I felt that lol

  • InternalxHD

    I still prefer old smosh

  • kuba

    ✨lianna Indanna✨

  • ツX3LL3N

    If only they did a callback to "Bustin Jieber" joke, it would have made my day. It stuck with me for many years for some obscure reason.

  • Pablo R
    Pablo R

    I know guy. Oh wait he fled the country That was unironically hilarious

  • Jesper Xthe
    Jesper Xthe


  • jimmy Beast
    jimmy Beast

    The only show that makes sense that the main characters are rich are Jessie and Bunk'd

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober

    This was not an actual show on Disney Channel? Im confused

  • LDS ramon
    LDS ramon

    5:06 When he said stfu he looked like Toby Maguire

  • Levi King
    Levi King

    I have been subscribed for o long time now and I love your channel because i can always find new content that is really funny.

  • Hannah Blue
    Hannah Blue

    1:28 "I'm richer than your dad.." *I don't have a dad, so I hope so.*

  • LaserDisc

    I swear Noah looked like Peter in Spider-Man 3 xd

  • SkroodUp

    If reaching out to help Jackie up right at the end. Can't help it, Ify seems like a great guy.

  • p3tro

    Jackie and Shane killed the writing on this one , seriously :D

  • Jul1an5212

    This is actually true

  • AverageOtaku93


  • Lennify Shorts
    Lennify Shorts

    Should Have gave Noah/Justin Bieber Blonde hair

  • K V
    K V


  • Big Snowyy
    Big Snowyy

    i just got the chody referance lol

  • sinful monarch weeb
    sinful monarch weeb

    The in-between music was actually so on-point

  • Keith Lim
    Keith Lim


  • james mooty
    james mooty

    Is cat with a tik tok a real thing? Because that totally sounds awesome

  • Caroline

    That’s to true

  • Other Riley
    Other Riley

    This is just everyone who says they’re “QuIrKy”

  • ItzNightWolf


  • Dayma Morales Ruiz
    Dayma Morales Ruiz

    why is it so acurate

  • BGA Jcob
    BGA Jcob

    Bro this is so funny 😂😂😂😂 Why is my comment highlighted?

  • Narcolipze

    Also when Noah said “Yummy Yummy” I literally died and came back to life

  • Narcolipze

    Shayne and Damien have experience being cringy teens in a cringy Disney teen show

  • Andrea Smeelie
    Andrea Smeelie

    That part when Noah came in as Justin Bieber and the live studio audience goes on forever cheering especially whenever he would speak up that he has to say shut the f up! Had me cracking up I felt tears in my eyes!😂

  • Sage Z
    Sage Z

    "I love citrus and I wear bracelets": my new tindr bio

  • Iron Kyan
    Iron Kyan

    Smoshs content is so much better nowadays, they make more mature content now

  • Tomas Skou
    Tomas Skou

    why Shayne looks like jughead dad from river dale

  • ً

    I can’t believe the got the real voice guy from Disney

  • Anthony Accomando
    Anthony Accomando

    me cringing through this video 😬

  • tetrofita178

    To quote when the mr Peabody and Sherman “became a sitcom”: He’s a regular kid with a regular life Except he’s a rock star but nobody knows Because he wears a wig! And his dad is a wizard but they’re both twins who live in a hotel! And their butlers a robot who’s also a ninja And also there’s scampers the sock puppet from space! And their neighbors are regular people who are actually spies Except they’re both rock stars but nobody knows Because they wear wigs! And their best friends a bulldozer Who’s also a cowboy! And has tear gas for breath!

  • Gabe Outland
    Gabe Outland


  • Lemonman7789

    most accurate vid on youtube ever

  • Tyce Abbott
    Tyce Abbott


  • Buddy

    How is this so true plus I love lemons.🍋 I love that outfit

  • DooR.

    The sad part is. Someone would watch this if it was a real show

  • EnderBoiYT

    For a second, I thoguht this was an ad for Disney Channel.

  • abdifatah Ibrahim
    abdifatah Ibrahim

    I get it he’s from so random

  • flames

    As a proud hoosier I do not in any way, shape, or form condone my state in this Smosh Original!

  • Eto SG
    Eto SG

    cocaine? cocaine? YEA GIVE ME SOME COCAINE me as an actor felt that haaaaard xd

  • cybotronic

    I'm richer than your dad

  • Rey Cesar Cariño
    Rey Cesar Cariño


  • Parker Sky
    Parker Sky

    I love how they even used 2000's clothing- bc its a Hannah Montana parody

  • Smoothbrick578

    this is so true and the EXACT reason i dont watch disney channel shows

  • Jestina Edwards
    Jestina Edwards

    Felt hella real

  • simon barr
    simon barr

    Oh DEAR!!

  • Hassan Kabir
    Hassan Kabir


  • Lua Zenco
    Lua Zenco

    0:05 voice crack

  • whyamihere

    I like this style of video as a bit of a difference It's some good comedy

  • Flip daily memes
    Flip daily memes

    The name who is justin: Justin: OH COME ON!!!!!!

  • illia pagan
    illia pagan

    It's been so long I forgot about them

  • Al-Kiwi

    I thought shayne was gonna take Damian into hostage for the Disney channel skit.

  • L Lazaro
    L Lazaro

    This is not real.

  • SehajPlayz

    I know every show these characters are from and what characters they are

  • SehajPlayz

    You added a Mr. Mosbey

  • mechadoggy

    3:41 “I wanted to be the more famous one, but not like this!”

  • Shayan

    I’m new here , I don’t know what the tall black guy’s name is but I can not believe he cut his magnificent braids

  • Desingereverythingunique

    Nostalga commercial break Disney movie trailer and iconic period💋💋💋🥳🥳

  • Transfromers guy Gaming
    Transfromers guy Gaming

    5:08 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Cavanaugh’s
    The Cavanaugh’s

    and her butler gives me mr mosbey vibes

  • The Cavanaugh’s
    The Cavanaugh’s

    main is hannah montanna a lil of ant farm bc hes in love with the main and oliver was in love with lilly

  • Josh Creator GALAXY
    Josh Creator GALAXY

    4:32 GASP!! 😃 OH BOOO!!!😡 I want Ian and Anthony played Justin Bieber,it’s really so Obvious!!😠 👎

  • Josh Creator GALAXY
    Josh Creator GALAXY

    3:33 Welcome to The Disney *CARTOON* Universe🌌📺

  • Sourya R. Das
    Sourya R. Das

    Noah as JB seems weirdly similar to Bully Maguire

  • Ethan Constantinescu
    Ethan Constantinescu

    Lianna - Carly Becky - Sam Chody - Freddie Butler - Spencer

  • Cody McGrew
    Cody McGrew

    This could have also been on a Black Mirror or Mr. Robot episode

  • carl does videos
    carl does videos

    Ah yes, Ch’ody

  • Neekachu

    That was painfully accurate.

  • Got Dem Snipes
    Got Dem Snipes

    Fruit punch

  • Gabsterish Mtz
    Gabsterish Mtz

    Jackie is perfect in this.

  • technohack14

    This is to realistic

  • Aaron Lopez
    Aaron Lopez

    so accurate

  • Koh Dean
    Koh Dean

    This was a real treat

  • Smit Sonavane
    Smit Sonavane

    It's good but it was Smosh when there were just two guys, some guests and a few girls for the plot or gags

  • J.P. S. Willson
    J.P. S. Willson

    Ify is 35?

  • Bagel Queen
    Bagel Queen

    Wait this isn’t Disney jr. ?