Millennial Who Doesn't Get Gen Z

  • the unknown avenger
    the unknown avenger

    Why do I feel that this is just smosh every time they talk about gen z?

    • Jacob The Light Prince
      Jacob The Light Prince

      @⠀ nice job

    • Jacob The Light Prince
      Jacob The Light Prince

      prince nice

    • Mike Suarez
      Mike Suarez

      @Smosh also hi smosh

    • Mike Suarez
      Mike Suarez

      @Smosh LMAO

    • - K1TTY GUTZ-
      - K1TTY GUTZ-

      @Smosh Sup smosh how yuh doin?

  • Gamer Four
    Gamer Four

    I don’t think you can fire the ceo

  • Ruben T
    Ruben T

    Millennials are now the old, out of touch grownups who don't understand the kids today. As a millennial myself, I *love* it.

  • K V
    K V


  • Kenneth Castelino
    Kenneth Castelino

    Tevin is an off- brand Jesse Pinkman.

  • relli Guzman
    relli Guzman

    I miss old smosh

  • 100bullets miranda
    100bullets miranda

    i dislike smosh.

  • spypengen

    that ninja melk reference. nice

  • Ash Perskn
    Ash Perskn

    How did they fire the CEO...?

  • gzGuitars

    This was just a Paul Rudd movie.

  • TheAwesomeTeg219

    hey guys i'm a Millennial

  • Elle Wong
    Elle Wong


  • Ethan Klemish
    Ethan Klemish

    This gives me big Tim Robinson energy

  • Matias Grispo
    Matias Grispo

    i have a crush with Amanda...

  • Nasri Rosman
    Nasri Rosman

    Walter has Michael Scott vibe

  • Nikk JK
    Nikk JK

    I miss Anthony and the old Smosh 😢 Not saying this is bad, but it's different

  • NeonGeminis

    Is this a fever dream?

  • Easton M.
    Easton M.

    1:55 when he said 420 I looked at the time and it was 4:20

  • CubeBlueMusic

    I love Smosh but it's really funny how disconnected this sketch feels from GenZ XD

  • Katie Olivier
    Katie Olivier

    Damien just makes this!

  • • Böba edits •
    • Böba edits •

    Wait…. So and so is dating Walters wife

  • Martin Vargas
    Martin Vargas

    The board thinking that they know gen z because they know what tik tok and fortnite is is cringe 🤣🤣

  • Rodrigo Hurtado
    Rodrigo Hurtado

    Linda as a word in spanisb is literally used as what Ian said

  • Floyd Kavanagh
    Floyd Kavanagh

    From the start I was expecting Walter and tevin to be different people

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy

    I’m a gen z that doesn’t understand gen z

  • mini toe
    mini toe

    2:03 seems like ryan higa's ninja melk to me

  • The Shöcker Pit
    The Shöcker Pit

    The worst part is they’re actually people from generation z who act like this

  • Jósiley, Mairu
    Jósiley, Mairu

    "Linda" is a Pretty woman in Portuguese and Spanish

  • Jesus Alvarado
    Jesus Alvarado

    Without Anthony this is pure 🐂💩, miss the old golden days from Smosh 💔

  • N义K

    Hahah it looks like ninja melk

  • DKG Entertainment
    DKG Entertainment

    Fun fact: It is illegal to unfairly pay or fire an employee based purely on age. I think it’s called the Age discrimination act of... I can’t remember the year. I might be wrong, though.

  • KoltTv

    He reminds me of Michael in the Office

  • Richard Lippert
    Richard Lippert

    5:32 I busted out laughing at "oH bOo HoO"

  • Farren Amarah
    Farren Amarah

    Micheal Scott's little brother...

  • - K1TTY GUTZ-
    - K1TTY GUTZ-

    Peep the drugz shirt

  • Keith A.
    Keith A.

    How do you do fellow kids?

  • Chris NÑ
    Chris NÑ

    Ian 2021: Walter Ian 2011: Tevin, but more accurate to Gen Z

  • Lauren Waters
    Lauren Waters


  • Noam amarfarkash
    Noam amarfarkash


  • wEiRd

    its time for drugs umm thats an energy drink not if you inject it no no no no! youll have an heart attack again!! whatever lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • wEiRd

    Kevins t shirt says drugs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathanael Flinn
    Nathanael Flinn

    This is actually just Ian being Ian. The cameras just so happen to be rolling

  • Nabranes TwistyPuzzler
    Nabranes TwistyPuzzler

    1:29 Bruh he could’ve just said that he had found out about the names

  • ultraman_99

    And thus history repeats itself

  • Bayron Fuentes
    Bayron Fuentes

    Lol missed this guy

  • Emerald Nindragon
    Emerald Nindragon

    That Ninja Melk reference LMAO!!!

  • unkown 34X
    unkown 34X

    Hahahahah accurate man love it!

  • Lola

    Isn’t this just like rust cages videos “how do you do fellow kids”

  • Sawyer Broskley
    Sawyer Broskley

    I lost my straight face for the whole video after he walked in and said "boo hoo" 🤣

  • Zachary Oliver
    Zachary Oliver

    Ouch...this .... just didn't hit the mark . 😕

  • Luke V
    Luke V

    smosh is unironically describing themselves

  • Galavant

    How would she know Walter is afraid of needles lol

    • Galavant

      Kinda sus

  • Olivia Bentley
    Olivia Bentley

    Is it just me or would anyone else watch a show with Olivia and Courtney as clueless FBI agents

  • Maja J
    Maja J

    this just feels like a group of millienials trying to be trendy lmao, fun video tho

  • E 2
    E 2

    Plot twist Walter is actually not Tevin

  • Ivan Zapanta
    Ivan Zapanta

    "Oh boohoo!!"

  • Denis Bowman
    Denis Bowman

    You must have to be young to find this crap funny

  • Yuri Katsuki
    Yuri Katsuki

    Shayne's classic laugh at the end was the best part.

  • david !!
    david !!


  • Snowpiercer


  • A random cow Just chilling
    A random cow Just chilling

    Well eventually be Walter when gen alpha comes along

  • inthecornerinablanketwithacupofcoffee

    Shayne has successfully passed his energy to Ian.

  • Unknown_nub21

    Does that t-shirt say rug or drugs

  • black

    I'm glad that ian is still here

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole

    This is just Ian around the office

  • Plasmidist

    love the ninja milk cameo

  • Nearchos Roumbas
    Nearchos Roumbas

    ninja melk reference bru

  • Trey Gaming8
    Trey Gaming8


  • Isaac Wale
    Isaac Wale

    This video reminds me of old Smosh... awesome! :D

  • A BlahDay
    A BlahDay

    In today's world if Walter identified as a Tevin,you have to pretend he's a Tevin🙄 Strange, Sad world

  • Draven Marino
    Draven Marino

    Major Tim Robinson vibes here

  • Gameboy2007

    I thought it was about to be Anthony again... =c

  • Mr Grimmbo
    Mr Grimmbo

    I’m unbelievably happy they didn’t do the “they were different people the whole time!!!” cliché.

  • Anthony Brant
    Anthony Brant

    Oh no... that’s me lol

  • Hey_its_Twin

    Wait why would you get fired for being to old?

  • Rat Toaster
    Rat Toaster

    so were not going to talk ab how the cover of the video was the beginning of laurenzside?

  • Daniel Powers
    Daniel Powers

    Walter turned into a pickle he's pickle tevin

  • Dhir Niti
    Dhir Niti

    Why did you sell your channel

  • Novern

    Oh hey look its brand twitter

  • piê

    1:37 linda means pretty in portuguese so it makes sense

  • mr.carrot 147
    mr.carrot 147

    Fun fact they actually just told Ian to act like a kid. That's right no script, no acting, just pure talent I guess.

  • Illusion

    This is great

  • Eli R
    Eli R

  • Chris Freeland
    Chris Freeland

    "If you're a teenager, what's a Tiktok?" Walter/"Tevin": "It's a very small breath mint."

  • Mikalues

    Wth smosh has 9B views in total?! No wait if you round it up its 10M!

  • Damien Revilla
    Damien Revilla

    Bring Back Anthony

  • dum

    I miss the old smosh :(

  • MAUR1

    *sigh*.....Just clicked ona video to see if Smosh would ever be the same as it was back in 2013..... Its not😔

  • Mashareb

    Why doesn’t this channel shut down already

  • Cappea San
    Cappea San

    They just shave his face

  • allan farias
    allan farias

    This is so weirdly funny xd

  • Alan&Bryan Arriaga Ventura
    Alan&Bryan Arriaga Ventura

    does anybody remember why this channel exists

  • Alberto López
    Alberto López

    Smosh videos have gotten ridiculously cringy

  • Richard093


  • Nate Renken
    Nate Renken

    What happened to Anthony ?

    • Nobody

      He left smosh a while ago

  • FierceMotorworks

    Shout out to the energy drink. I see what you did there

  • RinjaFX


  • derkoreamann

    2:03 that looks exactly like ninjamelk

  • jeremyud

    I think Ian is the only person in this video who was born before 1990.

  • tomas andrade
    tomas andrade

    Millennial who doesn't get gen z: The Ian Hecox story Don't get mad it's a joke