Working At Smosh Sucks

  • Personal Account
    Personal Account

    "you ruined my life, Tim?"

  • lostwitchu

    What special effects did they use to copy Courtney in the wrestling scen? 😲🤔

  • Nigel Burton
    Nigel Burton

    Damien is a Professional Haas?


    The backdrop scenes of other characters doing random actions is so hilarious 😂

  • The Gaming Wackos sawvern
    The Gaming Wackos sawvern

    If this was true (it's not true it just cant be) but if it was true I would make it my lifes goal to work at smosh XD LMFAO!

  • tortuga man
    tortuga man

    I would! Like the sleep drink.

  • Robert Irwin
    Robert Irwin

    Honestly more Lisa please. This was great

  • redgem

    this is the office but instead of 1 crazy person surrounded by normal people, it's a normal person surrounded by sane people

  • MikaeruDaiTenshi

    That's literally how I imagine Smash as a workplace. Also, better lovestory than twilight

  • DeathgGod

    I was honestly expecting Ian in Anthony make up at the end lmao

  • hannah bvb
    hannah bvb

    Tramien sounds like mario or is it just me

  • IceMetalPunk

    YES YES YES! Lisa's "performance reviews" on Try Not To Laugh are always immeasurably hilarious! I'm glad we're getting more of her, erm, "real life" experiences in the Smosh office 😂 If this were a series, I don't think anyone would complain 😁 Also, Tramien looks very familiar, but I can't place where I know him from. Was he in a movie or something?

  • Yeeterboi4


  • Mia Nekic
    Mia Nekic

    Yes bring back Courtney freakin Miller!

  • Striker Flare
    Striker Flare

    so is this a parody of “the office”

  • Hosea Downing
    Hosea Downing

    This is so disturbing to me. It feels like some alternate dimension where everything is just slightly off.

  • 667mumble

    How can someone apply to work at Smosh?

  • SleepyGamers

    Smosh becomes "the office"

  • Tryxa

    Gotta say, I'm very impressed by Lisa's acting. You should put her in more videos (if she wants to) :)

  • Zain Alattar
    Zain Alattar

    So..... basically Smosh can't do without Lisa. Got it Also, Damien at 7:52 is me hiding from my problems

  • Lingox5

    I know it's just a skit, but I really hope her and Damion work out

  • Icemonkey 10
    Icemonkey 10

    they should make one about garret.

  • Dream ✓
    Dream ✓


    • Noelyle Miquel Locquiao
      Noelyle Miquel Locquiao


  • Katie McConnell
    Katie McConnell


  • TarotOfFire

    Tramien is v Mario like. Also poor Tim.

  • simon tomson
    simon tomson

    insane asylum at smosh

  • Wayward Son
    Wayward Son

    Damien was born on an imaginary day. What a legend

  • Boognish1890

    It'd be awesome if Damien also had a Lisa necklace

  • madmover

    More of Lisa please

  • Zalabim

    I just want to see all the bloopers now

  • Prem Jha
    Prem Jha

    Courtney Fricking miller runs the place

  • B.A.K. BROZ
    B.A.K. BROZ

    there should be a show about this

  • Mark Tenore
    Mark Tenore

    More Smosh workspace pieces, please.

    • Mark Tenore
      Mark Tenore

      Can I pitch "The Actor's Room?" Or "The Green Room"?

  • Weeb-u Breafs
    Weeb-u Breafs

    Honestly minus the pyramid scheme I could see all this happening especially the Ian one

  • Apple Dinger
    Apple Dinger

    Is Damien selling Ninja Melk (Nigahiga's Energy Drink) knock-off

  • Nirmiti

    This is the funniest video "new Smosh" has ever released.

  • manch orch
    manch orch

    I’m in HR and I feel the same with Lisa 😂 coworkers and employees can act so strange and I’m like “okay…..”

  • Faradeth

    DId she just pistol squat ? good on her !!

  • K V
    K V


  • trash youtuber
    trash youtuber

    I will take all forty cases lol

  • Justin Spurr
    Justin Spurr

    I love these parody office sketches I would totally watch an entire series of this

  • Malapais Legate
    Malapais Legate

    When the comments are actually funnier than the vid itself

  • Coleslaw 7227
    Coleslaw 7227

    I really hope Jackie isn’t really 72 pounds

  • Waffels 509
    Waffels 509

    Better than Toby Flenderson

  • Serendrix San
    Serendrix San

    When Shayne yelled „Tim?! TIM?!“ i have never heard someone scream as aggressive as that😂😂

  • Jose Alfonso Taboada
    Jose Alfonso Taboada

    I need more of this content. Damien is great

  • Bennett


    • Bennett

      Shane in the background

  • Nor Stormenhiger
    Nor Stormenhiger

    Actually, I have a lot of trouble sleeping so if I could have a case of those sleep drinks that’d be great 👌

  • Sohum Bhatt
    Sohum Bhatt

    4:56 That energy drink kinda looks like Ninja Melk XD

  • Lily Hill
    Lily Hill

    Hahaha u should do every smosh ever

  • elmikeQC

    This is dumb and I love it! Just a good time out for the brain.

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar

    ayy she looks like Sylvie from Loki

  • Hagan Balfour
    Hagan Balfour

    Anyone else thinking they could for sure make their own version of the office and it would be hilarious

  • Ace Lloyd Diaz
    Ace Lloyd Diaz

    Lisa looks like Sylvie

  • Narcolipze

    Lisa: I love my job (blinks in help me)

  • Gab DelaCruz
    Gab DelaCruz

    Lisa's love for Damian blossoms like a flower in a field

  • Gab DelaCruz
    Gab DelaCruz

    Lisa is cute ngl

  • Samid

    Is BuzzFeed hiring?

  • Rudra Bhand
    Rudra Bhand

    Lisa is giving a major Toby vibe

  • Michael Henville
    Michael Henville

    Not gonna lie. I wish I worked there. Like...I'm dead ass serious

  • NytemareQueen

    I want to see a wrestling match between Courtney and Courtney Freaking Miller!

  • ZenRhizer

    Congrats Smosh on getting an HR manager who's also really really funny.

  • Soumajit Majumder
    Soumajit Majumder

    Lo, I so want those forty cans, call me up Damien!

  • ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴘ
    ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴘ

    4:36 LOL THE MOOD

  • Jacob Cabrera
    Jacob Cabrera

    Courtney: “SOMEBODY SIT ON ME!” Literally every human being on planet earth even Oprah: 🥺 👉👈

  • Prayag Chandra
    Prayag Chandra

    Hey guys we need more of this. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Shazam!

    4:59 Ryan higa's Ninja melk!?

  • Guillermo Alvarez
    Guillermo Alvarez

    Why is Lisa calling CFM Shayne?

  • Joseph Adrian Padriga
    Joseph Adrian Padriga

    Holy shit, I need more Smosh mockumentaries based on their workplace, PLEASE.

  • Sketchflix

    It's ok when the smosh girls shows their navel and not when CFM shows it! Why? Because of she being an extremely powerful lady, it doesn't mean you can be sexist Lisa!!! 😆😆😆😉😉😉

  • John Danial
    John Danial

    Explains how Courtney maintains that jaw dropping physique.

  • Tyffanee Lavely
    Tyffanee Lavely

    THIS HAD ME DYING LAUGHING. I HAVE TEARS. One of my favorites now. Everyone was super funny, and felt like it represented you guys in a ever so slightly exaggerated way lol. Love how even in the background of someone being crazy, there was more crazy lol. This I can relate to, being a weird person myself. I'm nowhere near as funny though. More of a weirdo that people look at with concern on their faces. I'm also an adult woman in my 30's lol. Oh, and I always love when you have your crew in vids. There are some seriously funny people that work at Smosh. Never change guys! Thanks for bringing me so much joy day after day, for so many years!

  • aswmdude24

    4:50 OMG is that ninja melk

    • Potato With arms
      Potato With arms

      No no it’s samurai explosion, it makes you tired

  • Grub Slime
    Grub Slime

    All Damian has to do is kill Lisa's husband and steal his moustache to get to her, lol.

  • Lowell Isaac
    Lowell Isaac

    watching smosh always gives me this worm safe feeling its really nice thank you for giving me that feeling

  • Raelynn O'Connor
    Raelynn O'Connor

    I'd damien's bday on may 31st?

  • Raelynn O'Connor
    Raelynn O'Connor

    Lol damien's walk


    That Samurai Explosion looks a lot like Ryan Higa's Ninja Melk

  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy

    This is just a regular day at the Smosh office!😂😂😂

  • Daniel Vega
    Daniel Vega

    Is buzzfeed hiring?💀💀💀

  • Bamasnazzy13

    Was the Samurai energy drink a dig towards Ryan Higa’s Ninja Milk???

  • Ingrid Gonzalez
    Ingrid Gonzalez

    Ian should be running smosh not lisa

    • Potato With arms
      Potato With arms

      He is?

  • Aulora Rusk
    Aulora Rusk

    Not gonna lie... I would love to work at Smosh. 😂 This video has not convinced me to change my mind.

  • User

    Lisa: Shayne, you can't show the midrib. No crop tops Meanwhile Courtney:

  • DiscoSamurai

    "Is BuzzFeed hiring?", lmfao.

  • Sl M
    Sl M

    Ninja Melk at 5:00?

  • MightyMatt 36
    MightyMatt 36

    everyone thinks they are joking but i could see this 100% happening haha and i want in this workplace

  • K S
    K S

    They should keep doing this series, where we see the Office from a different employees point of view each time. For example, when we see Damien's view of the office Lisa is just throwing herself at him constantly, lol

  • Jack Foster
    Jack Foster

    The only thing proving this actually IS a sketch is CFM playing Shayne.

  • Shelby Kutil
    Shelby Kutil

    She’s really good at making those facial expressions... it’s almost like she’s made them before, many, many times!😂

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith

    At first I thought Ian and Anthony was supposed to be the Head or something like that- But Lisa has a very good role for that.

  • william claybrook
    william claybrook

    The walks were awesome

  • Trey Cross
    Trey Cross

    0:25 now we know Courtney’s workout for that fantastic backside

    • popcorn bowl
      popcorn bowl

      Thats creepy trey

  • Matthew VanZandt
    Matthew VanZandt

    Was that a diss at ninja melk?😅

  • Showmik Hossain
    Showmik Hossain

    OMG Im getting Office vibes and its absolutely what I need right now. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE

  • King Bro
    King Bro

    *Human scale ! Human scale ! Human scale !*

  • maria chocobo
    maria chocobo

    this is one of the absolute funniest smosh skits, i hope there's more

  • Skyler York
    Skyler York


  • Gaming with BlueRaptor
    Gaming with BlueRaptor

    Is this real????????

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE 🍨 🥘 🍨🍨🍨