Anime In Real Life

  • Jpsgenius

    I fucking DIED at JoJo😂

  • agent 66
    agent 66

    0:58 wrong part

  • Alif Putera
    Alif Putera

    They really put avatar as an anime

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    As a jojos fan, I completely agree.

  • Boaz van Gogh
    Boaz van Gogh

    Ok so avatar is an anime now iguess

  • Sawyer Faucher
    Sawyer Faucher

    Amazing and funny stuff but with Damian also being an anime fan I can’t believe that he actually thinks of avatar as an anime. ITS AN ENGlISH CARTOON!

  • Michael Vong
    Michael Vong

    Avatar is not a anime

  • Michael Vong
    Michael Vong

    Jojo bizarre adventure is about posting and vampires

  • Ultimo Charile
    Ultimo Charile

    Death note from 9 years ago

  • SaruCharmed

    Avatar isn't technically an anime, just has anime-inspired art style.

  • Meral Palamut
    Meral Palamut

    Anthony is back yay

  • WildCrunchy


  • Spicy Gamer07
    Spicy Gamer07

    I was drinking my water when Shayne and Damien just yelled: "WHITE PRIVILIGE" I've never laughed so hard for the past few days

  • Kelvin

    Is jojo some kind of gay posing anime?

  • Kaisen

    I dont know why i really expected to see gintama on this video

  • prestonian _
    prestonian _

    avater the last airbender isint a anime

  • Offer

    hahaaahhaha lol

  • Morgenni

    2:58 That's what she Saiyed

  • Danna Zhu
    Danna Zhu

    Im offended that they put avatar in here. Its not a anime, it has no manga

    • Danna Zhu
      Danna Zhu


    • GreenShinobi MD
      GreenShinobi MD

      There are avatar comics But it’s still no anime according to the internet, but you see Japanese symbols in the background so I understand the mistake.

  • endbo

    Lol the director being Damien

  • The Awesome Game Box
    The Awesome Game Box

    That mha skit tho....

  • LBM Fate
    LBM Fate


  • United states of America
    United states of America

    We stop crime by doing crime . The news police officer killed black man

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le

    wtf happened to smosh

  • Hi im Idachi
    Hi im Idachi

    No naruto?

  • Ayman Andich
    Ayman Andich

    What about jujutsu Kaisen

  • Flamy Fire
    Flamy Fire

    YALL PUT FIRE FORCE INNNNN??!!!!! My respect has been risen by 100x The anime is too underrated.

  • Squirrel Never give you up
    Squirrel Never give you up

    Stop right there guy becomes blind

  • Jack Ibara
    Jack Ibara

    Why does writing in the death note have to so dramatic, even in the real anime, they made eating a chip dramatic

  • Michael Polley
    Michael Polley

    Avatar is not an anime

  • Tsering Dolkar Sherpa
    Tsering Dolkar Sherpa

    Forget naruto

  • Kyle Pickett
    Kyle Pickett

    How do you think Shayne will react when Makima shows up in Chainsaw Man?

  • Kanye East Inc.
    Kanye East Inc.


  • a1ec d.
    a1ec d.

    The fire force bit was great!

  • Jereimiah Scott
    Jereimiah Scott

    I thought Naruto or one piece was in this

  • L Lane
    L Lane

    Yeah the Jojo one is accurate

  • The Avocado Buddie
    The Avocado Buddie

    4:18 my dreams be like

  • Juan karlo Abril
    Juan karlo Abril

    Wrong jojo

  • TheJWRBtft

    shayne's 'OOOOOOO' bits will never not be funny xD

  • Z00M

    Why isn’t One Piece on here Boi lol

  • 🔥rengoku kyojuro🔥
    🔥rengoku kyojuro🔥

    cuando regresan a su canal en español

  • Hyper Frost9
    Hyper Frost9

    Can I became Job Hunter

  • El Sibas
    El Sibas

    Why are young Joseph and part 3 DIO fighting

  • V Gonzales
    V Gonzales

    When you met someone who really loves animes

  • OrostC

    Guys how did they get secret footage of me

  • Kool aid Man
    Kool aid Man

    4:18 *being armin intensifies*

  • ann xin
    ann xin


  • Hendra Adyasa
    Hendra Adyasa

    Ahh yess keep posing

  • OmegaArxom

    Feels so good to see smosh being so cool again!

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer

    They missed a big change by not adding seven deadly sins

  • Ben Hajek
    Ben Hajek

    Avatar isn’t an ANIME!

  • Boo Gang
    Boo Gang

    6:50 so chad 🧀

  • DomoVSGames

    bad video smosh

  • Jonathan Maclean
    Jonathan Maclean

    Shayne was a better Goku than that one guy in that one movie we don't talk about.

  • Rickypol 007
    Rickypol 007

    3:46 wait is avatar an anime?

  • bahemutking12

    Rdc world...

  • Bishandhreek C
    Bishandhreek C

    No Naruto 🥺

  • The Rguy
    The Rguy

    But the Death Note only works if you write the person's name and imagine that person in your mind at the time of writing it that way you don't kill someone you don't intend to on accident

    • Rickypol 007
      Rickypol 007

      Calm down dude You are going to send overdrive the video whit soo much lore!!!

  • BBQJuan

    the jojo one was realistic to part 3

  • Jorge Villagomez
    Jorge Villagomez

    shane makes the best dio

  • SpicySabs Roll
    SpicySabs Roll

    how DARE you do the avatar cycle out of order

  • Raven Thompson
    Raven Thompson

    I love this.

  • Topladgamer

    Does anyone remember when Smosh did a death note video back in the good days

  • Mohammed Zaid
    Mohammed Zaid


  • rinchin bayar
    rinchin bayar

    I miss Anthony and Ian they are 100 times better than these rookies

  • Geeky Castillo
    Geeky Castillo

    Oh crap I spell my name with a ck... how much time do I have lef...

  • Julian Leach
    Julian Leach

    This video just screams “this was Damiens idea”

  • Tsukishima_Kei_11

    why he sound like all might tho

  • Andrea Celeste
    Andrea Celeste

    Oh I absolutely needed budget Dio cosplay Shayne, and budget Joseph cosplay Damien. Edit.) NOAH AS A MOODY SPIKE LMAO IM CRYING

  • Prince Mihael Borna
    Prince Mihael Borna

    What the hell they did to jojo

  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria

    the mha one was the funiest thing ever😂🤣 LOL!!!!! defenetly not just saying that cuz my profile is deku

  • Garrett Watsob
    Garrett Watsob

    Dude Ian's krillin voice is on point

  • Ailey Cisneros
    Ailey Cisneros

    Is funyy

  • Ailey Cisneros
    Ailey Cisneros

    Fire force one

  • Ailey Cisneros
    Ailey Cisneros

    Fire force

  • Ailey Cisneros
    Ailey Cisneros


  • Ailey Cisneros
    Ailey Cisneros


  • Shaniaris Castro
    Shaniaris Castro

    I love how they did the my hero part

  • Aaron's Future Kid
    Aaron's Future Kid

    aww darn i was hoping to see high school dxd here

  • Luis Lopez -Arreola
    Luis Lopez -Arreola

    No Black Clover

  • Klein Matias
    Klein Matias

    avatar isn't an anime you frick pickles

  • Marc Mcloud
    Marc Mcloud

    Th Erci joke is the best

  • K V
    K V


  • AssassinMike15

    0:59 what’s the name of the music

  • Allison Philips
    Allison Philips

    I’m sorry but uh… Avatar isn’t an anime-

  • your friendly suicidal neighbor
    your friendly suicidal neighbor

    Netflix's Cowboy Bebop is looking goood

  • hemu gaming
    hemu gaming

    Guys you missed black clover

  • BJplayz

    At 6:54 what is that from? It sounded really good.

  • eddie perez
    eddie perez

    The jojos one is so accurate 😂

  • Ahmed Elfadil
    Ahmed Elfadil

    4:18 introducing Ohhing Oscar

  • Joseph Wendell
    Joseph Wendell

    bruh avatar is not an anime

  • Tankların Efendisi
    Tankların Efendisi

    one punch man could be like some guy insulting saitama then genos comes out of nowhere and destroys him

  • S Kristiansen
    S Kristiansen

    You guys do so anime is better

  • IMRandom

    Damn, I remember when the OG Smosh videos would actually be creative and funny. Sad to see what happened to them now.

  • D. Estevez
    D. Estevez

    I'm loving the social commentary, Smosh

  • Wade Chandler
    Wade Chandler

    Avatar is not an anime>:(

  • Khaled Amin
    Khaled Amin

    Avatar isn’t anime

  • Friendly forest field :3
    Friendly forest field :3

    Lol my hero

  • Moadot720

    1:00 Song name?

  • Chemical Silver
    Chemical Silver

    I also get the feeling 96% of the cast doesn’t know anything about anime. Unless they only watch shonen anime. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯