Drunk Me vs. Sober Me

  • pewd pei
    pewd pei

    i feel like they are falling down in views or is that just me

  • Samaya Elmir
    Samaya Elmir

    Are you Gemini I’m Scorpio Courtney you always crack me up 😂

  • Absurd Hero
    Absurd Hero

    When Dick Damien sprung up and demanded, "look at me, LOOK AT ME!! *IM THE CAPTAIN NOW*", I liked the video. Sold, then and there.

  • Kay Kay mckay
    Kay Kay mckay

    This was hilarious. I'm laughing so hard right now.


    I have never had anything with alcohol in it and this makes me not want to drink

  • Boognish1890

    Keith faking drunk like someone who's never been drunk. Lol. On purpose or not - he is hilarious

  • K V
    K V


  • Jacob On
    Jacob On

    "Text her a picture of ME!!!!"

  • John Eulalio Quijano
    John Eulalio Quijano

    Fun fact: The intro's "Drunk" and "Sober" gets worse editing every time it switches to a one thing of two kinds of people: Sober: the music gets shorter Drunk: gets blurred and the text is written-weird/also the music gets shorter-edited

  • TheUltimateMar

    Go Owlbears?? 👀 hootgrowl!

  • Jose Sual Cuevas
    Jose Sual Cuevas

    Lololol lol Lol lol lol lol.

  • Jose Sual Cuevas
    Jose Sual Cuevas

    Remmember when formerly known rain lady first met Ian and Anthony?

  • Zai  Prussian monkey
    Zai Prussian monkey


  • Chase Jull
    Chase Jull

    Why do girls say men are trash and kill all men killing all men is kinda like ending the population cause bone marrow kids only live up to 2 weeks so.....

  • Isabella Sears
    Isabella Sears

    Drunk Olivia is me on my period

  • Isabella Sears
    Isabella Sears

    Drunk people scare me but this is hilarious

  • EliteChicken 474
    EliteChicken 474

    7:40 Sick dimension 20 reference.

  • Flora Dennis
    Flora Dennis

    Oh shit did I forget to pull my pants down

  • xXMaster Playz
    xXMaster Playz

    Sporry smosh, since he left, only a few your 25.1 million subscribers actually watch, we miss him.

  • Libby Wilcox
    Libby Wilcox

    Me, someone who's never been drunk, watching this video: haha, relatable.

  • Dream146

    "Go Owlbears!" Hoot Growl! Hoot Growl! Hoot Growl! Dimension20 y'all know what's up

  • Stickman Animations
    Stickman Animations

    "Oh no it's fine i can drive i only had like one drink" **continues to commit several war crimes**

  • Lilylalala

    Courtney the director 👏👏

  • General Apeshit
    General Apeshit

    This is the first Smosh episode I’ve seen in years. It’s ok.

  • Gahna Mohana
    Gahna Mohana

    I can relate to drunk olivia

  • Josh McFarland
    Josh McFarland

    Everyone is better when they're sober confirmed

  • JEF3


  • AcePlayss

    I took a shot for each joke that applied to me and im out of vodka 4 mins in

  • Kirby with a knife
    Kirby with a knife

    Imagin if it was reversed

  • Rosana Econg
    Rosana Econg

    I'm a boring sleepy drunk 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Yao Hey
    Yao Hey

    3:42 try not to laugh

  • K


  • AnimeLover101

    murder hehe

  • Pedro Merizalde
    Pedro Merizalde

    what happened to smosh...

  • Ace’s Bizarre Adventure
    Ace’s Bizarre Adventure

    Lol he wanted cotton eyeed joe

  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza
    purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    me, a 16 year old whose never had a drop of alcohol: haha yeah

  • Jay Dickson
    Jay Dickson

    Feels like they've never been drunk and pretended to be what they thought was drunk

  • Plushie


  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy

    Do Kids in the 90s vs. 20s if y'all haven't done that episode yet.

  • Chris NÑ
    Chris NÑ

    3:41-3:45 Everyone when Anthony left

  • Eliza_ doLots
    Eliza_ doLots

    I’m sorry did Damian just make a fantasy high owlbears joke?!?! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lopsidedfairy

    GO OWLBEARS! Damien and his secret love for D&D

  • Asian_Natz

    Ian has stayed true to his statement, he has peed sitting down. Well done Ian we’re all rooting for you

  • WigSplitter

    boooooooooooo yall ruined smosh booooo

  • Baggers95


  • Baggers95


  • Baggers95


  • Baggers95


  • Baggers95


  • Baggers95

    Love this

  • Baggers95


  • Nogy

    Thank you so much for all videos you made. You are one of my absolutely best youtubers ever. :) Jste borci. Mám moc rád vaší tvorbu.

  • Frankie Dogg Da 🅱️oio
    Frankie Dogg Da 🅱️oio

    Good guy Bartender Keith for only hitting on the sober friend

  • Aizzat Yazreeq
    Aizzat Yazreeq

    I can't decide which one is the bootlegged version, is it Shayne or Furious Pete? 😆😂🤣

  • Nathan Valley
    Nathan Valley

    Kevin was me pretty much all last year 😂

  • Kga 2012
    Kga 2012

    Totally totally

  • Obi Wan Chernobyl
    Obi Wan Chernobyl

    This isn’t smosh anymore

  • Genevieve Appnel
    Genevieve Appnel

    The second I saw Shayne do the dancing bit, I knew that's all that the bloopers were going to be...

  • Coal Julian
    Coal Julian

    Ngl Smosh just ain't it anymore. It fell off as soon as it became more of a company then an actual channel it doesn't feel like they actually care anymore just seems like a content farm at this point.

    • Spoopy Doods
      Spoopy Doods

      @Coal Julian Yeah bro I feel that.

    • Coal Julian
      Coal Julian

      @Spoopy Doods I've watched them since they started no joke literally watched their first vid a week after it came out I watched them progress and then it just fell to shit it's lost what it used to be and just not the same anymore

    • Spoopy Doods
      Spoopy Doods

      Thank you I went to the comments of this video just to find this comment and it’s soooooooooooo true. :(

  • NYC Dancer J
    NYC Dancer J

    😕😪😓People might not see this comment, but everybody stay safe and have a blessed day my God be with you all🙏🏾🙌🏾💗

  • severed

    i now need a sober vs high

  • drewds69

    I feel like noah would definitely pull the game winner at bp

  • Vato Kharchilava
    Vato Kharchilava

    I'ma free bird

  • Ryan Rosso
    Ryan Rosso

    4:01 🤣 lol

  • Olivia Rule
    Olivia Rule

    Go owlbears!!

  • Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache
    Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache

    I'm glad Amanda is showing Michigan some love.

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills

    Jurg is my new favorite character

  • FireWolf Gaming
    FireWolf Gaming

    I don’t know what drink me is yet because I’m only 14

  • Questable Gaming
    Questable Gaming

    And then you don't remember any of it the next day

  • Ian Cole
    Ian Cole

    Ian should've snapped a pic of Damien in that bit

  • Elsie

    why does keith is so hot here..............

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores

    Every Stoner ever ?!

  • Vukelowski

    This video was a flop :(

  • Yousuf Ashraf
    Yousuf Ashraf

    Some Every [Blank] Ever Ideas Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever When are you gonna do it?

  • Janet Heffernan4q6orky789ourr58i88
    Janet Heffernan4q6orky789ourr58i88

    Out takes are way funnier

  • Joy Tree
    Joy Tree

    The both from Mochigan part omg ahahaha Me when I first moved to California

  • Patrick Phillips
    Patrick Phillips

    Anyone else here because they're drunk as fuck and lowkey wanna die?

  • D13KH3AD

    drunk. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • runawayaustrian

    man, the new cast member "Amanda Lehan - Canto" has been amazing in every video so far. great job! hope to see her in more stuff!

  • Eric Truong
    Eric Truong


  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo


  • Ferg Cobain
    Ferg Cobain

    Idk who this new black girl is but I fucking love her😂😂😂😂first time I’ve genuinely laughed at a smosh video in years

  • Lauren Sinclair
    Lauren Sinclair


  • The Frizmeister
    The Frizmeister


  • Benny's World of Toys
    Benny's World of Toys

    Go devil bears

  • Bob Crossen
    Bob Crossen

    "Go Owlbears" HOOT! GROWL! HOOT! GROWL!

  • goodnightkrista

    When Damien said "you wanna do that text your ex" i DIED

  • Micah Curtis
    Micah Curtis


  • Lucas Games
    Lucas Games

    I got an ad for beer when I clicked on this vid

  • Alwi Syahid Wahyudin
    Alwi Syahid Wahyudin

    1:09 Hope there will be a guy sees me the way Damien did

  • White Butterfly_46n2
    White Butterfly_46n2

    🦋 So Relatable! 👏🤣😏😉🤭👍

  • Cartoonking3

    One does not simply hit on themselves lol! 1:00

  • EMISALMONT salinas
    EMISALMONT salinas

    I'm glad i don't drink alcohol never ever in my life 🙂🚫🍺🍷🥃

  • Primal Groudon
    Primal Groudon

    What was that song playing in the first drunk scene?

  • Ran Dawg87
    Ran Dawg87

    I could watch these all day lol 😆

  • Ben Arsenault
    Ben Arsenault

    3:40 is me when I'm sober....

  • Mafiks

    Women carry around tampons to save other women?

  • Tree Man
    Tree Man

    I don’t know how I feel about this video i don’t like drunk people they scare me this video bothers me

  • Ellery Kenyon
    Ellery Kenyon

    Okay was the go owl ears a reference to fantasy high

  • Unamed Unamed
    Unamed Unamed

    where's the old smosh