Every Wendy's Ever

  • Quinn Purvis
    Quinn Purvis

    Every arbys ever??

  • Cairo !
    Cairo !

    bruh Wendys always gets my chicken nuggets wrong

  • Pog axolotl
    Pog axolotl

    We don't "pay" you at all

  • Showtimemaster1

    I miss the old smosh

  • Particlepants

    Olivia's really cute with that hair tho

  • AlphaEX

    Every hooters ever

  • Dani Wilson
    Dani Wilson

    My bf worked at Wendy's for 5 years and this video made me cackle

  • Chariot Requiem
    Chariot Requiem


  • Baxter

    5:55 the background 😂😂😂

  • Kim's Family
    Kim's Family

    Wendy’s 🍔

  • Mariekythe Minoza
    Mariekythe Minoza

    wendys chicken nuggets are the best why wasnt there a skit about it

  • Marisela Munoz
    Marisela Munoz

    I’m watching this when I’m eating wendys

  • Richard Childs
    Richard Childs

    Buckets of cod!!!

  • Lucca Zaron
    Lucca Zaron

    dave sold his soul to wendy’s so he could live forever but at the price of giving all his burgers

  • Sunflower Dayz
    Sunflower Dayz

    I got an add for Wendy’s after watching this-

  • Tarek Mohamed
    Tarek Mohamed

    Wait wait wait fries and frostys are like fries and icecream right

  • Juan Cervantes
    Juan Cervantes

    Shes on her own

  • A Little Bird
    A Little Bird

    when deez

  • logan martin
    logan martin

    I'm surprised they haven't made a wendys nuts yet (Edit: dang it)

  • Mr.Fortniter

    that black girl is so preety man

  • IzzyPancakes

    Me this is fun Her: 69 Me: *spits out water* 😆😆😆

  • Normilette Irish Ramirez
    Normilette Irish Ramirez

    I swear that the chili cup is jollibee cup

  • Daegan Stoltzfus
    Daegan Stoltzfus

    So I went to Wendy’s and got a Dave’s triple and they gave me a Dave’s sextuple. Six patties. I have no idea how this happened, but I ate it

  • Bitter_Blueberrys

    Fun tip: If you dont live in a place that has a wendys, you can dip fries in royal icing and its the same effect

  • ifamouse247

    smosh is back

  • The Kat
    The Kat

    2:58 the nibbles

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    In all seriousness tho, Wendy's is actually the one Fast Food chain I trust.

  • riverliver2007

    You have 5 minutes to get rid of the “every” word in your video. Nobody can say it for 5 minutes otherwise you lose :)

  • Aaron McKenzie Powell
    Aaron McKenzie Powell

    Fries dipping milkshake Already happened way way back

  • Lauren Somerdak
    Lauren Somerdak

    i work at wendys, this is accurate

    • Saturn Cox
      Saturn Cox


  • Lucy-Chan Channel
    Lucy-Chan Channel

    What is a Wendy's??

  • Stompyfeet

    I just now noticed the whiteboard at 4:13 said "BURGER BUT COLD???" 10/10 on the callback.

  • Gaming Gang
    Gaming Gang

    haha frys that are salty as hell go brrrrrrrrrrr

  • RebootKING_RGM E̶x̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶c̶e̶
    RebootKING_RGM E̶x̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶c̶e̶

    When these NU-

  • Blaze Rasp
    Blaze Rasp

    What have you guys become

  • Prosopolic

    Wendeez nuts

  • Max

    wendeez nuts hit your face

  • Boo Gang
    Boo Gang

    Wendiezzz nutz XD

  • Commander Beast
    Commander Beast

    3:42 Haven't seen the board room since Every Taco Bell Ever

  • K V
    K V


  • Firas Abdallah
    Firas Abdallah


  • Ajthecook725


  • Bigg Berd
    Bigg Berd

    I found the combination first of fries and milkshakes

  • Soviet Shrimp
    Soviet Shrimp

    combine smosh with college humor and you have the perfect comedy channel.

  • Derekizer

    It’s about time

  • smokeyTTV

    Sir this is a Wendy’s drive thru

  • Hotpie89

    I lot of people look at me weird when I dip a fry in ice-cream.

  • Nuggies

    Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease, Grease,

  • Morgan Haley
    Morgan Haley

    anyone peep the eat it or yeet it reference 😭😂😂😂

  • Jarek Hartwell
    Jarek Hartwell

    For anyone who sees this, go to Wendy's and order the pretzel bacon club burger Just trust me

  • Toca Terror
    Toca Terror

    And hope that GOD is on my side

  • CraZCatCreations

    I put my burger in my frosty to always come on top

  • op playz
    op playz

    I got an ad for Wendy’s hiring for their store… Worst ad timing ever.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    We don’t Wendy’s in my country

  • Matt Salviani
    Matt Salviani

    6:15 Ian has a seizure.

  • Xocai

    Shayne always plays the perfect crackhead role

  • Mixtex Music
    Mixtex Music

    Wtf 🤣

  • R.E.Dcontent Gevecker
    R.E.Dcontent Gevecker

    When watching this there was an ad about a Dave’s double

  • ArvinGAmeR

    finally, ive been waiting for this for like a year

  • Narcolipze

    “You are dunion rings” I f*cking love Damien Nvm. I love all you guys

  • Hamza Ejaz
    Hamza Ejaz


  • Raelynn O'Connor
    Raelynn O'Connor

    Every taylor swift ever.

  • Not valk 5475
    Not valk 5475

    Next: every chick fill a ever

  • Air Force Juan
    Air Force Juan

    The freaking clam sketch 😂😂😂

  • XJX


  • Myla Pucerio
    Myla Pucerio

    I hope fries in a frosty from Wendy's is the best combination ever, this is so delicious.

  • ghost division
    ghost division

    perdon pero no es lo mismo simplemente no es lo mismo. que tenga un buen dia

  • Serena Sherman
    Serena Sherman

    This is a really Cool video keep up the good work

  • Ethan Cuballes
    Ethan Cuballes

    i hope the fries in a frosty from Wendy's is the best combination ever, this is so delicious.

  • The Dead Moneys
    The Dead Moneys

    5:52 ever mom on the inernet who sees that someone got a finger in their chilly which was probably a acicdint

  • kiroo shhhh
    kiroo shhhh

    Who else remembers when Anthony still was there :(

  • Vader Rivera
    Vader Rivera

    Is it me or Dave always has the burger the customer order

  • Sunya Bae Bae
    Sunya Bae Bae

    Every kpop fan ever

  • Charles Laurent
    Charles Laurent

    After 10 years I stopped working at wendys 4 weeks ago...can relate...hard

  • toastedmatriX

    Legend says that Shayne is still ordering from the drive-through till this day.

  • karma akabane
    karma akabane

    look in the backrond 5:55

  • AveryWasTakenn


  • SCP-5212

    *Wendeez Nuts*

  • acartonPlays

    Olivia's Karen is not at all annoying. It's adorable even lmao

  • Ethan Constantinescu
    Ethan Constantinescu

    the frosty fry was so true

  • aridae

    I’m convinced they were high at 3:47😂😂😂

  • Lil Bubba
    Lil Bubba

    When he screams🤣

  • Alexander carvajal pcst
    Alexander carvajal pcst

    Pls do every pizza hut ever

  • SehajPlayz

    You guys have been my life for 15 years

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi Chulo

    What happened to smosh…😔

  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy

    Jackie: I want Dave’s Double burger Damien: steals a sandwich from Dave Me:😂😂😂

  • SugarDraws 99
    SugarDraws 99

    I put my chicken nuggets in the frosty, you should try it

  • Geni Garcia
    Geni Garcia

    wheres wendys roasts when u need em lol

  • Zolis

    I got a Wendy’s add before watching this lol

  • Nathan Martin Paguio
    Nathan Martin Paguio

    Wheres anthony

  • Alexei

    That first one though

  • Xx Aimee xX
    Xx Aimee xX

    You guys should do an every aesthetic ever 👏

  • sandsbraaten jason
    sandsbraaten jason

    Big crush on ms. kimmy jimenez 😊

  • Jacob Shelton
    Jacob Shelton

    I work there

  • yvettesicle

    i was watching this a wendys add popped up

  • Blevin

    I love smosh but this didn’t make me crack a smile

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil

    Everyone's doing fries in frosty, but have yall done the nuggets in frosty?

  • Ros the Egg
    Ros the Egg

    I’ve been doing the old “fries in the Frosty” since the 2000’s

  • ProNinjaHype the Dweam stan
    ProNinjaHype the Dweam stan

    wendy’s nuts

  • brainzilla

    inspirational words "that makes perfect sense here at Wendy's"