Your Annoying Witchy Friend


    Wiccan is the Kwanzaa of religions... hahahaha

  • Kody Havoc
    Kody Havoc

    this is like every tik tok girl who owns a tapestry lol

  • albert mooney
    albert mooney

    witchy woman.

  • lovely wyvern
    lovely wyvern

    I’m her no cap

  • Mr.L_22O

    She should have asked the Turtle in the Floating cloud for a voodo doll XD

  • Insaneic

    As a wiccan, this is too entertaining to watch XD

  • John Cringle
    John Cringle

    I love how her quoting the Raven is her showing how psycho she is, but my dad just casually quotes it word for word every day. Shows a lot about him really

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G

    omg Noah at 0:20 is fucking FINE!!!!

  • Shadow Gam3r
    Shadow Gam3r

    To be fair, Cassandra is a kidass witch name, Raven is a Teen Titan

  • Jimothy Quagmire, a ghost
    Jimothy Quagmire, a ghost

    gotta appreciate how much work went into this

  • Sebastien Robinson
    Sebastien Robinson

    As a witch I feel like this is in good taste and it's really just poking fun at folks who practice as a trend

  • David Bono Aquascaping
    David Bono Aquascaping

    The F out of here with Ashlee Simpson.

  • Raven Thompson
    Raven Thompson

    COURTNEY STOLE MY NAME. 😂😂😂😂😂 the fact Ian said “raven in like that’s so” I GET THAT EVERYDAY. My middle name is reign and that was my moms Wiccan name. I was named after the poem Raven.

  • Ameyro

    "can i pay you with the king of wands" is so fucking funny

  • Ameyro

    As someone who is actually pagan it's super hilarious to see ppl be pagan for the aesthetic and talk about the gods getting their starbucks order for them or something

  • Luca Piccinno
    Luca Piccinno

    As someone who has actively studied the occult and all things associated with the topic for most of their adult life, it’s very easy to tell the ‘raven’s’ from the ‘carly’s’ if you catch my meaning.

  • Weeb-u Breafs
    Weeb-u Breafs

    That ending was hilarious can we break up no ill curse the f out of you

  • Lina Inverse
    Lina Inverse

    XD CHEST COMPRESSIONS on the voodoo doll!

  • BTS is clean no it not me
    BTS is clean no it not me

    Is this raven from teen titans go

  • Savannah Sewell
    Savannah Sewell

    *me being a witch* *witchy Karen mode activated*

  • K V
    K V


  • BGA Jcob
    BGA Jcob

    7 kids wow my life is ruined…

  • Akito 155
    Akito 155

    She is literally Raven and Fischil combined to one character.

  • Parker Hester
    Parker Hester

    This is scarily accurate to how my mom's friend acts...but less edgy 🤣 great content as always

  • Imdeadinside

    The one with voodoo doll is actually what I want to do to my friends (without working ofcourse)

  • Elspeth Tirel
    Elspeth Tirel

    The funniest part of this to me is that Cassandra is literally the name of a mythical prophet and 'Raven' disowned that name for Raven, probably initially to mimic Teen Titans.

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie

    Courtney’s pretending to be raven from teen titans

  • Ginny Best
    Ginny Best

    I want 1/10th of the confidence that people who just read their first Wicca 101 book do.

  • ViaisLame

    I think astrology is stupid

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali

    Is it me..or she’s really attractive in that makeup hair outfit combo

  • robert rules
    robert rules

    I only like one thing about raven she watches teen titans

    • robert rules
      robert rules

      I mean raven can borrow my Harry Potter spell book from a birthday party

  • Alexander Bardales
    Alexander Bardales

    The most cringiest yet, and my ex was like the exact same

  • Beth Gold
    Beth Gold

    I'm an actually I witch to, and yes the part were she grills her bf`s voodoo doll is hilarious!!!!

  • Self Proclaimed esper
    Self Proclaimed esper

    Video about witchy friends wiccans in the comments.

  • Sabrina Gardener
    Sabrina Gardener

    1:14 is from teen titans When she said it I laughed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Left

    0:38 all that name makes me think of is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

  • weird.

    'Raven' seems like that kid who mixed leaves, worms, twigs & some other sh*t on the oval...but didn't grow the hell up.

  • Nogy

    Jste jedni z nejšikulinkaťoulinkatějších šikulků z celého Šikulkova na celém šikulkovském světě. :)

  • Miss Lauren
    Miss Lauren

    Been subscribed to Smosh Pit for over a year and just found out this channel existed 😳

  • Alan McTaggart
    Alan McTaggart

    Courtney needs to hiss like that more often.

  • David Draws
    David Draws

    As a actual wiccan this video is all stereotypes, not saying its bad but next time can you please do some research, but other then that im glad this video is here, keep up the good work 👍

  • Ethyler

    If Noah dyed his hair blonde he'd look exactly like Cody Walker.

  • JustChan

    That one weird kid in school

  • mexican dream
    mexican dream

    4:16 Mexican dream has never seen such bullturd expect when he died

  • Nado Animation
    Nado Animation

    Hahahahhah 😂 the song Chant 😄

  • Wyatt Harrison
    Wyatt Harrison

    If you have a women in your life that is like this chances are the weed make her a lot easier to listen to and understand. When your sober the crystals are just cool rocks but the sex is still crazy.

  • fried pan
    fried pan

    Had a friend like that, but for vampire shit and got sick from one of her things, not sure by how or what but ya...she got out of that phase right after.

  • Abracadabra

    “As in Quote the raven nevermore??” oh good *god*

  • Guido Guido
    Guido Guido

    Her name ALREADY WAS Cassandra?

  • Kaylee Duquaine
    Kaylee Duquaine

    I don't think she fully got the rose quartz part lol 🤔

  • Axlphish M
    Axlphish M

    So that other chick is actually wiccan , lame

  • jollie2409 Jollie2409
    jollie2409 Jollie2409

    When I heard the e of every, I had already thought of every breath you take.😂😂🤣

  • Xx-Queen -xX
    Xx-Queen -xX

    *every teenager in the 2000s*

  • Daniel Large
    Daniel Large

    When she said "azerath metrion zynthos" I realized her name was raven, and.... ITS ALL COMING TOGETHER

  • Emma Bath AndBeyond
    Emma Bath AndBeyond

    I appreciate the inclusion of the actual Wiccan character lmfao bc people realy do be making spirituality into an aesthetic.

  • Jeffery Neal
    Jeffery Neal


  • Nickolas Castaneda
    Nickolas Castaneda

    i thought she was talking about Raven From ECW XD

  • Tomasz Skowroński
    Tomasz Skowroński


  • Izzy Is Garbage
    Izzy Is Garbage

    I for a second thought I was legit watching TLC

  • cheese lad
    cheese lad

    *bangs my head on a table*

  • Jd Edmonds
    Jd Edmonds

    The cure at the end is fun

  • Bri -
    Bri -

    As someone who practices witchcraft i thought this would be soo offensive BUT I LOVE THIS HFVETUVEVF

  • Kalaan Lan
    Kalaan Lan

    I expected this to be shit and mock other peoples believes but it’s actually the opposite and thank god, i felt like i was the only one who found these wannabes cringey.

  • Nicholas Santos
    Nicholas Santos

    Who else was hoping her spiritual guide was The Dumpster Wizard? Couldn't you hear him saying something like: "You'll come back as a tree! And rocks will stop your menstrual cycles! It worked for me, I haven't had one in 5 years!!"

  • Francesco Ghedin
    Francesco Ghedin

    Noah doing cpr to the voodoo doll broke me 😂

  • Vast land Traverse
    Vast land Traverse

    Vudu is "witchy" not "wiccan".

  • Violet The Trans Witch
    Violet The Trans Witch

    I identify as a witch…this is relatable comedy at its finest lol

    • Violet The Trans Witch
      Violet The Trans Witch

      By relatable I mean fashion wise, not raven in this video wise to me at least

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes

    I want atleast 5 kids with u

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes

    Are u on birth control Courtney

  • Hannah Stewart
    Hannah Stewart

    Ian with the Gabbie quote

  • Ojang Master
    Ojang Master

    Christ I’m gone from Smosh for a bit and come back to this awkward mess. How is any of this funny???

  • Adnan Mustafa
    Adnan Mustafa

    I just realized how having 7 kids and 2 weeks to live is wrong

  • Caleb Brackin
    Caleb Brackin

    What the hell happened here

  • xllllllllllllllllx

    I miss Anthony

  • Bo Tran
    Bo Tran

    Nhảm quá 2012 hay vãi bây giờ chán pls đừng làm nữa

  • Hazlee Hazl
    Hazlee Hazl

    It’s not a SMOSH !!!!

  • Brunson Bacheler
    Brunson Bacheler

    First time coming back to Smosh in like 3 years, what…. The…. Fuck……..

  • Vijisha Sajeevan
    Vijisha Sajeevan

    astrology isnt real lolz

  • AMX 12t God
    AMX 12t God

    been years since i watched this channel and WHO TF ARE THESE PEOPLE WHERE IS ANTHONY AN IAN WTF IS THIS CONTETNT

    • AMX 12t God
      AMX 12t God


    • cwolf201

      IAN IS WTF IN THE WTF VIDEO OF WTFERY. Anthony left smosh forever over 3 wtf years ago. you can go to his wtf channel named *anthony padilla*

  • Mugiwara Z
    Mugiwara Z

    Dude wtf is this now

  • Hugh Pearson
    Hugh Pearson

    smosh is shit these days

  • -The°ghost-

    I miss the times when it was only Anthony and ian

  • WardahTheBlaqQ

    Raven should become a recurring character, definitely! :D

  • Gabriel Colon
    Gabriel Colon

    I have to say it i forgot about Smosh and was surprised it's still getting worst nothing like how it started quit please

  • Scarywall RBLX
    Scarywall RBLX

    thats not ian, nah nah nah, that can't be him, he couldn't have gone from a bowl cut-bread headed guy filming in his house with his friend to a modern douchebag who isn't a douche with an entire company

  • Youniform

    Wtf happened to smosh man. Ian looks depressed. Anthony can only solve it

    • cwolf201

      And yet Ian is not looking that way on other videos. it's a character skit when he does that. Anthony is happy with his life forever after leaving Smosh

  • Launch8 Productions
    Launch8 Productions

    This is way to cringy to watch

  • Raven

    Pov: your names raven 👁👁

  • Chimp & Pooch
    Chimp & Pooch

    Good thing wiccans are bs as well

  • Garrold

    Holy shit Ian got old. Such a shame they aren't using the old intro anymore smu

    • cwolf201

      holy shit people who are years older than when they started a channel, tend to be years older

  • Brofessors

    I can guarantee the Smosh fan base has changed significantly from 9 years ago. But whatever pays I guess.

  • Account

    What happened to food wars

    • The Trash Train
      The Trash Train

      Isnt that an anime

  • Lazaro Santos
    Lazaro Santos

    anyone else still watching smosh?

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • Drama Queen
    Drama Queen

    I feel like this is just modern day fischl from Genshin XD

  • Farzaab

    I miss the old smosh with Ian and Anthony

  • Luna Nightchase
    Luna Nightchase

    Is just processing hearing my name and not wanting to reapond bc its a damn video 😂🤦

  • Steven Chisham
    Steven Chisham

    I cringe at the reality

  • Chrif

    Damn smosh getting back into them good good skits lol



    • cwolf201

      one of THE SMOSH DUDES is in this video and most others. the other smosh dude left over 3 years ago after sitting with his fellow smosh dude and dude telling us he was dude leaving smosh forever. you can go to his dude channel *anthony Padilla*

    • Bozley

      this channel turned into a corporate channel unfortunately