With Your Friends vs With Your Family

  • bane wolf 123
    bane wolf 123

    4:48 mam that's like my mom.

  • Dom Toretto
    Dom Toretto

    nothing is more important than family

  • Alvin Shum
    Alvin Shum

    Jackie and Kimmy are a power duo

  • Nilesh Aman
    Nilesh Aman

    Was that mythical chef Josh in that ad ✨

  • D W
    D W

    HEY WAITER... hey

  • ツX3LL3N

    That feel when your belly rumbles the moment the sponsor appears

  • Franklin Irons
    Franklin Irons

    "Dont fuck this up" 😂

  • Fabienne

    The mom thing with being mean is too real

  • Boognish1890

    Bort got in a HooHoo

  • Thiago Kawano
    Thiago Kawano

    Friends? I do not comprehend.

  • K V
    K V


  • Josh Behr
    Josh Behr

    Smosh is one of the only ISnetsrs that I'll watch the sponsor

  • BubbleRap

    It fizzes when you tap it on the table.

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R

    The skinny jeans bad mom one was too true

  • Raelynn O'Connor
    Raelynn O'Connor

    Why does everyone throw stuff at shaynes family jewels

  • Firstbloodpro97 Andersen
    Firstbloodpro97 Andersen

    I miss smosh

  • jackie

    i don't like sponsers but if it's from smosh i don't mind

  • Capher

    2:16 the sponsor ends

  • Donna Sheldon
    Donna Sheldon

    The unwieldy house electrophoretically pour because shovel collectively box up a jumpy sidecar. dry, literate cherries

  • Maryann Reyes
    Maryann Reyes

    The useful shingle phylogenitically refuse because cream enthrallingly desert excluding a left hot. selective, few fierce foxglove

  • Amre Karsh
    Amre Karsh

    After 4 weeks, this video didn't even cross 500k views. Earlier, every smosh video used to cross a million views in a week easily. Guess, this channel is going to die in a couple of years

    • AntonR Nik
      AntonR Nik

      you clearly don't know the definition of a dying channel. a channel that has a steady view rate is never dead, chdck out MattShea's video called "About my dying channel".

  • jesse fisher
    jesse fisher

    "I pushed you out of my but" I almost died

  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy

    SMOSH is spitting the truth! I can relate to being embarrassed and acting shy around my parents, but then act totally different around my friends. P.S. The beer skit was my favorite; I can imagine Ian being annoyed like that!

  • Kristi Tirado
    Kristi Tirado

    The meaty bike evidently earn because string analogously fancy past a long dashboard. enthusiastic, plucky herring

  • - K1TTY GUTZ-
    - K1TTY GUTZ-

    "U mean wike a woot beew wight?.." Im sorry but.. XDDD I LOVE THE ENTIRE SCENE I LOVE IT!

  • GetMossed_Yt

    Day 1 of me realizing Ian has gone crazy by missing Anthony

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌺 🌺 🌺 🥀 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨

  • °Minori°

    Family + friend =not family friendly

  • The Mancini's
    The Mancini's

    Ok. This was the only sponsor I didn't skip

  • Arbi Gjylbegaj
    Arbi Gjylbegaj

    lovelievserve alsp made a vodeo just like this.

  • Ash Argen
    Ash Argen

    Lol this is scarily relatable

  • Mihael Jezerčić
    Mihael Jezerčić

    Ians part of sponsor made me laugh more than last 500 videos of smosh I miss anthony

  • spark lucky
    spark lucky

    Love the ad

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo

    Good times

  • Lydia Thurber
    Lydia Thurber

    I love these guys but idk why this video wasn't really funny...

  • some otaku
    some otaku

    With Friends: Don't worry dude, i don't mind you messed up my order :). Its fine man. With Family: So, you've choosen death? *loads gun* i said. No. Onions.

  • Mushymushroom

    Can we talk about how smosh’s acc is dying ☹️

    • Mushymushroom

      @Roman Ramirez wells there was a video where the plot was he broke up with his boyfriend.

    • Roman Ramirez
      Roman Ramirez

      @Mushymushroom Ian’s become a straight man to everyone else. He’s mostly in the videos just for that purpose. I don’t think the straight man role fits him though. Especially seeing his zany self from the classic videos.

    • Mushymushroom

      @Roman Ramirez ikr! Ian the mostly back set and not a role in almost every vid. the most funniest vid in my opinion is "every subway ever". :/

    • Roman Ramirez
      Roman Ramirez

      @Mushymushroom Mostly due to the fact that they have bad writers. Every Blank Ever has been going on for years and it’s not even funny. Ian’s also not as prominent anymore. It’s all about Shayne, Courtney and Damien now. And they’re not that entertaining in my view. Nothing against them as people of course.

    • Mushymushroom

      @Roman Ramirez its because they got bought by a company with when I used to watch them there views were about 3-5 million. now they are 2-5 hundred thousand.

  • darkskull


  • Mr.Dazzler

    I tough he said “hella fresh”💀

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson

    Blandview Home of the Breads 😂

  • Fairman Live Show
    Fairman Live Show

    It's Better With Friends

  • Da cat Gaming
    Da cat Gaming

    Ian: hello fresh has a less carbon footprint than you do shopping at the storms Me: about the trucks there delivered in

  • Galactimation

    Even their sponsors are funny

  • Catholic Conservative
    Catholic Conservative

    A diner that sells wine...

  • Deandray Cowling
    Deandray Cowling

    Oh man Ian sold out

  • Dr. ButterBean
    Dr. ButterBean

    Ok but how are the sponsorships even entertaining

  • Nightwing84

    This video was funny but it's not the same without Sarah laughing in the background

  • Cana Via
    Cana Via

    Anyone else notice the food fears decoration in the restaurant?

  • Kaka

    This is too true it's sad

  • David Shastitko
    David Shastitko

    Sounds like Bob's laugh from Monsters vs Aliens 6:40

  • Mortem Metallum Development
    Mortem Metallum Development

    What happened to smosh?

  • Mr Grimmbo
    Mr Grimmbo

    Why do I picture Ian as the channel mascot? He did the sponsor and I kind of want him to be the mascot

    • Roman Ramirez
      Roman Ramirez

      They kind of pushed him into a Phil Hartman like role on the channel. Doesn’t fit his fun and silly personality in real life. But they’ve been trying to push the others as the faces of the channel even though Ian is better.

  • Jack 134
    Jack 134

    I miss old smosh

  • MathematicPony

    I have such a crush on kimmy omg

  • Crimson Flame
    Crimson Flame

    Friends are family you choose blood relatives are strangers you live with

  • Nil The 13th
    Nil The 13th

    First ad ive thoroughly enjoyef

  • Nil The 13th
    Nil The 13th


  • Tobylovesamongus


  • Miledith

    The part about borrowing clothes is kinda half true for me cuz I don't have sisters, but with the friends part it's spot on. My friend recently asked to borrow a few dresses and I was so happy lmao. I think it kinda comes from the fact that when someone wants to borrow clothes it means they think you dress nicely.


    This shows how kids are embarrassed of their parents now, and totally ok with their friends... This is just sad....

  • Keehan

    It has come, smosh has become even smoller. Hence the ad. They ain't making the big bucks anymore :(

  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson

    Did anyone else see the poster for "X-Treme Ironing"? 5:01

  • milk omelette
    milk omelette

    6:30 how is that the mother... and that’s the daughter

  • Alejandra Thatcher
    Alejandra Thatcher

    A real beer with alcohol do I dare taste it


    Where is Anthony

  • matyrdoomツ

    wow ian has blonde hair now like me

  • Kitty Blogger
    Kitty Blogger

    "That's less time than I spend crying in the shower" Sorry but I spend the whole day there

  • Loreto Clemente
    Loreto Clemente

    0:28 plot twist he was already drunk

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Who the fuck courtney is saying get off MY set. Like dude ian and anthony built this channel and anthony was a coward ian deserves so much more love and credit

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Wowwww. I thought the hello fresh thing was gonna be a joke or something but nope i sat thru an ad like an idiot :/

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    Nuggies on the nuggets my guy

  • Accel erator
    Accel erator

    That hellofresh ad brought back the old smosh style. Memories😭

  • Ailyn Marcos
    Ailyn Marcos

    i really love the skits that courtney directed 😍

  • Arthur Swanson
    Arthur Swanson

    The ad was 1000 times way better than any raid ads. Change my mind

  • Noah Deibler
    Noah Deibler

    Hello Fresh IS actually good. :) I use it all the time and it’s like, gourmet quality ingredients.

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W.

    *just got home from my first year of college a couple weeks ago - and i can’t even begin to explain how much i’ve missed my parent’s home cooked food* 😭❤️

  • Mario Highlander
    Mario Highlander

    We need more video game parodies than... this

  • Mehdi Raz
    Mehdi Raz

    Not so cool, having such an ad in the middle of video!!

  • Butterfly knife
    Butterfly knife


  • Peter Rabbit
    Peter Rabbit

    I feel like Ian's Hello Fresh commercial stole the show.

  • DarknoorX

    2:28 is that a flesh light drawn on the wall?

  • Death Grifon2
    Death Grifon2

    I stopped watching 3 seconds after the ad. 😐😐

  • The gaming Seal
    The gaming Seal

    Hey damian I watch your twitch stweam

  • Coliflour

    4:35 Who else can relate?


    We need more Olivia DeLaurentis...

  • Trenton Prather
    Trenton Prather

    Ian with the long bleached hair is like the guy in a friend group who tries to be cool, Ian without it looks like a dad who wants to connect with his kids by acting cool.


    Hol' up, Ian has medium length bleached surfer hair now?

  • Brian Sunbury
    Brian Sunbury

    blandview extreme ironing hahaha

  • Lukeewith2EE's

    is that the larry guy everyone is talking about?

  • Prime

    tAyNdEiR or BuUumMbEl?!

  • KnightBoi

    Totally Accurate

  • Caitlin is tired
    Caitlin is tired

    Kimmy and Jackie making each other laugh is so lovely

  • iceland

    His little “yeah🥺?”

  • iwo benek
    iwo benek


  • Gary Tran
    Gary Tran

    Kimmy worked real hard to not break character at 6:13. Those lips quivered trying to hold in her laughter.

  • Gospeler Teaching Station
    Gospeler Teaching Station

    Hey where is anthony i know he now works with brandon rogers but can you show him again i miss him

    • cwolf201

      Anthony is where he is after he left smosh forever. on his channel *anthony Padilla* and probably not even in the same city smosh is

  • Kyperon

    4:38 “i shouldve put u through cotillion” that word gave me PTSD

  • alaric azzaky
    alaric azzaky

    Wow Awesome Food

  • peopleandanimalslovm

    4:34 oh god it's my mom, I can never tell her she hurt me because it's always turned back to me 🤣 "Well maybe if you didn't have an attitude" blah blah blah

  • iGamerPro YT
    iGamerPro YT

    A minute in and a sponsor