Everyone's Party Friend

  • K V
    K V


  • Brendan Tomas
    Brendan Tomas


  • Shinka

    oh, the bomb threat in hawaii got me man

  • Kevin

    Can relate :(

  • General 2short
    General 2short

    Noah having a seizure over tacos Also why tf was Courtney trying to deep throat her bottle 😂😂

  • Frank Balls
    Frank Balls

    7:53 yeah I remember this scene in midsommar

  • 2000 Flames
    2000 Flames


  • e Bierowski
    e Bierowski

    Now there’s 1k comments

  • JxstChxll

    I'm that party friend that looks happy in the outside but broken in the inside😆

  • brintesia circe
    brintesia circe

    As the friend in the group who always has to set the mood and start the conversation, fuck same, just talk damn

  • Kaitlin

    I wish all my friends would have a mental break down with me 🥺

  • Kaitlin

    My boyfriend's pet name for me is Kevin so that made the whole video a lot more fun 😂

  • Daniel Helbert Winata
    Daniel Helbert Winata


  • Richard Moskalyov
    Richard Moskalyov

    This feels like Jesus on a daily basis

  • Darmond31

    Shayne's pants remind me of 90s bowling alleys...

  • Jonathon Cartmel
    Jonathon Cartmel

    Such a weird video.

  • Nxt_favroit

    Please tag it

  • Nxt_favroit

    I found Kevin in omegle

  • Nxt_favroit

    Hlo I found you in omegle

  • Kevin Valenciano
    Kevin Valenciano

    I’m so cool 😎

  • Lil Fisher
    Lil Fisher

    I called the number that was in the back round on the green sign and it sent me to an emergency hot line in NYC... Oops

  • Will Corn
    Will Corn


  • Emppos

    7:53 ...that reminds me of THAT movie

  • Amaury

    I miss the old smosh

  • Joy Pomeroy
    Joy Pomeroy

    Yo, the end blooper really had those Midsommar vibes

  • Storm Boy
    Storm Boy

    To funny!😂😂😂

  • hui dice rolls
    hui dice rolls

    kevin + chad + jock + kyler = best cjk

  • whyimakethis

    Abilities: Can increase happiness in others Can summon tacos at any time Has unlimited budget somehow Way too much anxiety Unlimited energy Can be attracted to anyone in a moments notice He’s Kevin

  • Antony Stark
    Antony Stark

    Funniest diarrhea ever ! 😄

  • Winter is coming
    Winter is coming

    that guy is SO me ;)

  • Shayenne Bouts
    Shayenne Bouts


  • Zharin

    what is going on here

  • Tobias Tjøstheim
    Tobias Tjøstheim

    Meg is the norwegian Word og me

  • Juben Domli Balandra
    Juben Domli Balandra

    How is Kevin? xD

  • Mayank Singh
    Mayank Singh

    I wish I was kevin

  • FOV

    ty for subtitles

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger

    1:00 2:30 3:52

  • nicolemicha

    1:42 Courtney...

  • madi

    2:05 : happens Shaymien shippers: 👁👅👁

  • Chrisjen Vizzuso
    Chrisjen Vizzuso

    ngl i love a lettuce crunchy taco with taco bell mild sauce. best freaking texture. with.. mild flavor

  • GabrieAv1

    pls briing back the shut up intro


    Is Bob Ross dead?


      @Alex Sam good

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      @YEETYEETYEET he's OK he's not with them anymore


      @Alex Sam sure?

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      You mean Steveyyy

  • Giovanni Pope
    Giovanni Pope

    Boring, the old smosh in 2011 was better

  • Gunar Gundarson
    Gunar Gundarson

    Love the deadpan comedy at 2:44.

  • Jordan Thomson
    Jordan Thomson

    just remember party guys have feelings

  • ThePlayer21 Leagendary
    ThePlayer21 Leagendary

    Damn those biceps

  • Aaron

    @1:00 I so would too.

  • Christina Newby
    Christina Newby

    I dunno is your tummy full

  • 01halle

    Never found celebrities or actors attractive always thought I must be really picky then bloody Jimmy Kimenez comes along and I find I have a thing for funny women... Good to know I can pair that with the brunette thing. This could be on an episode of "we read your creepy comments" and I don't even care DO EEEIITT

  • Pannun Kaul
    Pannun Kaul

    i relate to this on a personal level

  • XJoshxKidX

    Plot twist:they werent acting and this is real

  • rosegoldhiips s
    rosegoldhiips s

    Why isn't Amanda ever on Try Not To Laugh? She seems like she's good at improv while also keeping a straight face!

    • Ryan Leary
      Ryan Leary

      She’d be hilarious on TNTL

  • cutsieberrii

    Anybody remember "SHUT UP!"

  • NYC Dancer J
    NYC Dancer J

    😕😪😓People might not see this comment, but everybody stay safe and have a blessed day my God be with you all🙏🏾🙌🏾💗

  • Rintheous

    I screamed laughing at 1:13

  • Micah

    1:42 Cortney, what??! Why?!? 😂

  • Karakay Saunders
    Karakay Saunders


  • Bomblitz

    They should have played that "De Da-Da Deet Diddly Dad" song just for the Smosh throwback

  • Big Red
    Big Red

    Wow they really know how to make someone suicidal

  • Staci Lynne
    Staci Lynne

    I’m just now realizing the design on Shane’s pants are from the cups in the 90s lol

  • Super Nova
    Super Nova

    Prefect fit.

  • Kazily

    Where did Anthony go?

    • cwolf201

      his channel named by his name *anthony Padilla* over 3 years ago after he told you and the rest of us he was leaving smosh permanently

  • João Zimmer
    João Zimmer

    the lap dance joke made me laugh so hard i'm being evicted

  • Kathryn Leonard
    Kathryn Leonard

    And yet, I feel like Kevin's "friends" are just jerks with how they treat him without acknowledging his feelings when he breaks down.


    Video ideas for every blank ever: Every hospital ever, every construction worker ever, every mascot ever, every smosh ever, every author ever, every gen ever

  • MD_royal d2d
    MD_royal d2d

    Nothing interesting here🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • ExoTic TWiiiST
    ExoTic TWiiiST

    I was on this channel in 2007, what happened?

    • Christopher Scotts
      Christopher Scotts

      14 years

  • Pepti-

    wow, you guys really did fall off once Anthony left

  • Yousuf Ashraf
    Yousuf Ashraf

    Some Every [Blank] Ever Ideas Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever Every Pizza Hut Ever When are you gonna do it?

  • real mr mantruble
    real mr mantruble

    boring now i want the old comedy Anthony and ian

  • Melissa Thorn
    Melissa Thorn

    "If I spin a top will it continue spinning forever?" Only one way to find out, come here Shayne😂


    Alguien sabe por qué no sale Ian ?

  • buff pumpkin rabbid
    buff pumpkin rabbid

    All of this happened because 2 guys had a food fight

  • Jon Hearn
    Jon Hearn

    That's some chaotic energy xD

  • A Person
    A Person

    This just doesn’t hit like Anthony and Ian could, this just feels like a slap with a wet fish

  • Mohammed Sharba
    Mohammed Sharba

    Bro just quit youtube

  • AlmightyG

    I remember when Amish was actually funny now they do whatever smh

  • Lily The Mango Loves Stich
    Lily The Mango Loves Stich

    Congratulations on Smosh for hitting 25 million subscribers oh and I dare you to make a video sorry if you've already made a video on this every Easter ever just because you hit 25 million subscribers

  • gabriel rojah
    gabriel rojah

    I miss the old smosh ✊😞

  • Madhavendra Singh
    Madhavendra Singh

    They know it's not working why are they doing this?

  • John Emerald
    John Emerald

    I miss Stevie

  • Jake Eduardo
    Jake Eduardo

    Amanda singing The Hills are Alive in slowmo caught me off guard omg 😂

  • juanito peres alcachofa
    juanito peres alcachofa

    Suban vídeos en español

  • juanito peres alcachofa
    juanito peres alcachofa

    Pueden subir en spanish

  • BLND Gamer ✔️
    BLND Gamer ✔️

    I remember the ld days when anthony and ian was the best people.

  • Cheyenne Peer
    Cheyenne Peer

    -exisistential crisis intensifies- its... it's me. I'm Kevin.

  • Enclave

    They should really bring back Courtney freaking miller

  • Bacon Cat
    Bacon Cat

    Is anyone else a subscriber from 13 years ago?

  • Silverman133

    1:45 SUS

  • Berna Leano
    Berna Leano

    This is just....

  • Jmovie


  • Kaloyan Ivanov
    Kaloyan Ivanov

    Imagine being from the LGBTQ

  • Maximum Gaming
    Maximum Gaming

    Bring back SHUT UP Cartoons

  • Kal-El

    Is this smosh? Where is Ian And Anthony? WTF REALLY???

    • cwolf201

      Ian- previous video. Ian- Smoshgames last week. Ian- likes to take breaks occasionally. Anthony told you and the rest of us over 3 years ago that he was leaving smosh forever by his full choice under his full control

  • Sakishima is an underrated setter Change my mind
    Sakishima is an underrated setter Change my mind

    Friend: *cries* How she thinks we're gonna react: 4:31 How me and my dumbass friends would actually react: 7:47

  • Albatross111

    Smosh should do a "Every TLC 90 days fiance ever"

  • Yehya Elkheir
    Yehya Elkheir


  • Darren Sanders
    Darren Sanders

    What happened to Anthony

    • cwolf201

      Well after he and ian told all of us over 3 years ago that anthony was leaving smosh forever, he's on his channel named *anthony padilla* where he uploads every week

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo

    Let's Party

  • KG TV
    KG TV

    Yo Shane how does it feel to be in Fred the show as a talking cookie in episode five season one