TV Shows in Real Life

  • WhistlinDixie5000

    Does Smosh know they have two mid-roll ads for beer? Miller Lite and Coors Light.

  • Maggie Flynn
    Maggie Flynn

    poor jackie is just tryna go to school smh

  • Alejanro Alvarez
    Alejanro Alvarez

    Smosh isn't the same

  • Nonya Businesd
    Nonya Businesd

    Amanda on a smosh games?!? I'd like to c it

  • Shannon Jennings-Jones
    Shannon Jennings-Jones

    I like yo guys so much

  • Ivann Barajas
    Ivann Barajas

    I miss the old smosh

  • mastermegatron

    Me: Fuck the monarchy Shayne: I'm trying

  • Logan.Galaxy1234

    I just need an entire video about Bucky's struggles using his arm.

    • Djstartrooper I like pineapple
      Djstartrooper I like pineapple


  • Valra CODM
    Valra CODM

    3:40 - 3:44 my grandma when i always buy coca-cola...

  • We are Da boys
    We are Da boys

    Ah memories

  • Power Knights YT
    Power Knights YT

    My phone at 3am 0:55


    Jackie's character wants to school so hard 🥺😂😭

  • b0ba T
    b0ba T

    Lmao high school musical the musical

  • Wierdthingmabob

    I really want Shayne to go to England and do that

  • IceMetalPunk

    Billy: "Mom?" Wanda: "Yes, honey?" Billy: "I feel hot." Wanda: "Oh, no, are you running a fever?" Billy: "No, I mean... it feels like my skin is being microwaved and I don't know why." Wanda: "O_O Just don't tell your father, honey."

  • simba993

    smosh thanks for the laughs but work on that shaky camera that high school music scene was very bad with the fidgety camera

  • Donovan S
    Donovan S

    Can we talk about how Shayne is VERY quick to ask to be pegged?

  • Seagull

    smosh really dropped views its sad 😞


    okay, the stranger things mom is slap worthy LOL

  • Lauren

    So true about Riverdale. Idk who they were trying to convince with that show. Lol


    What happened to smosh smh

  • Fahad Taiyab
    Fahad Taiyab

    please every cartoon network show and please even add ben 10

  • RumbleN


  • Blu Wolfe
    Blu Wolfe

    Need to include Supernatural and Umbrella Academy

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots

    Good job

  • 🔥rengoku kyojuro🔥
    🔥rengoku kyojuro🔥

    regresen a su canal español sin doblar los videos viejos o como quieran pero solo regresen


    The Riverdale one is pretty accurate when you think about it.

  • Gabe “Heartz13” Saravia
    Gabe “Heartz13” Saravia

    This channel is not as great as it used to be

  • sharleen Macadam
    sharleen Macadam

    this is not smosh

    • charlot

      Just plss stop

  • Alzitraz

    TV show "Euphoria".... in real life....

  • cori

    How do they do this without laughing omg 😂😂😂

  • Shay Lenee’
    Shay Lenee’


    • Shay Lenee’
      Shay Lenee’


  • Jayershan Kumar
    Jayershan Kumar

    too bad no Power Rangers

  • Bruce

    I’ve been watching these guys for a year and I still don’t know there names

  • ATR2400

    Oh man an “in real life video” Reminds me of old Smosh

  • the real GNSS_sniper
    the real GNSS_sniper

    When Shayne did the thing for crown he sort of sounded like crankgameplays 😂

  • Rehaan Hamidi
    Rehaan Hamidi

    Wow these jokes are more dead than my skeleton dog

  • ann xin
    ann xin

    The ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Guy is so funny 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  • lazybiscuit

    Comedy of dhar man

  • Priyanka Mallavoolu
    Priyanka Mallavoolu

    I missed Shayne begging to be pegged lol.

  • Logan Ott
    Logan Ott

    Oh gosh, the queen but may be too soon....

  • Logan Ott
    Logan Ott

    That winter soldier costume was N ~ I ~ C ~ E

  • corcky marty
    corcky marty

    Are you fucking the microwave

  • Jina Bute
    Jina Bute

    Newer shows like Marvel, Riverdale, and Stranger Things really depict how "if __ was real" evolved over time! 😄

  • K V
    K V


  • Reina Kang
    Reina Kang

    Bucky’s arm is actually pretty advanced, so it basically acts like a real arm, its just as smooth.

  • predator la7e
    predator la7e

    I wish we could get smosh 2015 back atleast

    • AntonR Nik
      AntonR Nik


  • mathew García :D
    mathew García :D

    F por el smosh

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Bruh that river dale tho.

  • Dave

    No Wonder Wanda Went Insane, the only person who she cared about was a robot, who then died

  • potwhovian

    Please your Majesty dont PeG Me!!

  • 100bullets miranda
    100bullets miranda

    a blue rat.

  • czp_24

    I genuinely didn’t see that WandaVision scene coming at all.

  • A Guy
    A Guy

    Uk:you are sentence to death Shayne: oh plssss don’t do It, don’t put it in my a$$

  • Juan Veron Karim
    Juan Veron Karim

    5:25 guess it's getting cold in the room

  • Nexus productions
    Nexus productions

    Would it be a [blank] in real life episode if Shayne wasn't yelling about pegging? Not at this point

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    Miss u Anthony

  • Echxo

    I love how they paid attention and made buckys robotic arm his left arm, though I’m probably thinking to much into this

  • Big_ol_Texas

    I love the Stranger Things bit, it was SO funny XDD

  • Rishav Raj
    Rishav Raj

    Song name at the start which Noah is playing?

  • tv show animation
    tv show animation

    You will this is kind of boring can we please have the old one batter I want the old Channel please

  • Pedro Merizalde
    Pedro Merizalde

    that girl looks like drake

  • Pedro Merizalde
    Pedro Merizalde

    oh god... smosh.. no.. what happened to you

    • AntonR Nik
      AntonR Nik

      they've changed. you have to realize that 2011 and 2021 smosh are two different types of content for two different types of groups of people.

  • Mark Riley
    Mark Riley

    That’s what Euphoria’s about? Huh..

  • Lauren W.
    Lauren W.

    *Shayne begging to be pegged is just -* 😂👏🏽

  • CrazyMus Pride
    CrazyMus Pride

    aaahhhh is not winder soldier *right handed*

  • Killionaire

    Shame on me. I haven't seen not one of these shows.

  • dave_chats

    why was courtney wearing a apple watch in one scene of wanda vision. they don't have apple watches in that peroid of time

  • Robert Bench
    Robert Bench

    Technically Wandavision, Falcon and the wintersoldier, Loki and stranger things are streaming shows and not tv shows. Riverdale, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Walking Dead and Superman & Lois are tv shows.

  • Shatha Brawley
    Shatha Brawley


  • Belliira

    Damien smashing the TP holder is a mood!

  • Jadyn Beech
    Jadyn Beech

    "You broke my heart and called me beautiful We're both 16 and we're in this musical" honestly bars

  • Reelando 2x
    Reelando 2x

    I didn't know that Shayne was in Henry Danger

  • NapiurPictures

    The Crown bit is literally the best content Shayne ever created

  • toomuchtime

    The euphoria reference was my favorite

  • Paul J Dreyer
    Paul J Dreyer

    I would like to ask everyone here to pray for our home and our people here in South Africa. A revolution is starting and mass looting and destruction of malls and shopping centers, all for a fight to release a criminal with 700+ cases against his name from prison. We fear for what will happen next and we need the prayers from everyone around the world to ask God to save this once beautiful country. I thank you all kindly. God bless!

  • FMC

    I love the crown one with Shane in it

  • Hebah Khalid
    Hebah Khalid

    Wtf happened to Smosh in the last year

  • Dylan S.
    Dylan S.

    Unrelated, but apparently Damien was in Fire Emblem Heroes. I just recently found that out.

  • Kaden Clips
    Kaden Clips

    old smosh > new smosh

  • Goku.Txmpest

    Y’all fell off real hard I remember watching y’all when it was just the duo

  • Matthew Payne
    Matthew Payne

    How do you keep a straight face

  • Nathaniel Haynes
    Nathaniel Haynes

    I fuckin love stranger things

  • Nightwing84

    Amanda appreciation comment

  • Reese Jackson
    Reese Jackson

    Remember when these videos were called "If (Blank) Were Real"?

  • ArgentGames

    Heh, low-key, clever word play.

  • Luca Gard
    Luca Gard

    Damn I haven’t watched Smosh for years, they really fell off huh

  • Donny Watkinson
    Donny Watkinson

    how can you afford all this cast/crew and the cameras and sets and shit. how...

  • Subhodeep Ghosh
    Subhodeep Ghosh

    Man these people only watch Disney and some lame series 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Chris NÑ
    Chris NÑ

    4:03 Ian's bowl cut returns!

  • MeNubGamerz

    all i need is Anthony and Ian... Atleast uhmm this is good actually, just my childhood begone.

  • GreenR0d3nt

    i like the old smosh better D: but guess im stuck with this just like what my dad used to say be happy with what you have cause its better than nothing

  • Brady Skaggs
    Brady Skaggs

    Do every best buy ever

  • Saturn Productions
    Saturn Productions

    It honestly still shocks me that a channel that was just 2 guys making videos for fun can turn into a corporation it’s just insane…

  • ImNotZoinks

    New Smosh is making me sad it's not half of the old smosh.

    • Jaden McCown
      Jaden McCown


  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    Thought they're gonna make a Smash bros meme of The Falcon and the Winter Solider were Captain Falcon comes in and says "Falcon punch!"

  • Phantom qt
    Phantom qt

    Today is sad smash if officially dead

  • USSR military officer
    USSR military officer

    Did Ian left the smosh?

    • cwolf201

      Ian's in the smosh in the smosh video you're commenting on. Anthony was not named Ian. Anthony left over 3 years ago.

  • peter murray
    peter murray

    Wtf is smosh anymore

    • Shadow ;-;
      Shadow ;-;

      Things change we just have to except it

  • Reilly Peters
    Reilly Peters

    Yes!! Amanda is finally back!! Please get her in more videos!