Every Retail Job Ever

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    El xxVicZxx

    Old Smosh where are you 🥺

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    Lily Ngo

    The first one is a Karen 😖😅😂🤣🤣🤣

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    50 50 Scooters Aiden

    Anyone else heard clark say Baby Gap and not Nap

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    Kailua Williams

    If we already have a floormart. How about a roofmart too?

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    Diana Anaid

    Yes, i do.

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    Omg I love Floormart

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    lei yang

    Here come karen

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    Katsuki Bakugo

    5:13 why do i hear the ph intro-

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    What happened to old smosh

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    Damien: “are you flirting with me right now?” **commences mating call**

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    Ricki B

    "Wheres the [blank] located "is 5 steps away for the thing they are looking for 😐

  • Brent Wiggins
    Brent Wiggins

    On-the-job training from bitter, cold, and distant coworkers would be a miracle or better yet the right thing to do. Retail sometimes is not temporary and it is all they have. The burnout and sycophantic, solipsistic actions and words are enough to make you work elsewhere.

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    if someone wanted me to a lil nas x consert i'd block and unfriend them i like rock and metal music

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    Anthony Pecoraro

    Wait floormart??

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    cinnamon Kit

    0:18 OMG that background music is the song in "my sims" when your building furniture in the game.....bro that game was my childhood

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    Shatish Maurya

    Really very funny 😁😁

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    HadNobody noticed that when the first, when the Karen said that she was on Facebook Live the the Karen's daughter 👧 joined the live and said 'daughter:Mom stop uploading this stuff" lol

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    ISnets Roisin pain

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    Inosuke hashibira

    I got a bear naked ad and i was eating food while watching this and I feel sick now.

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    Offical Idiot

    Please stop being so realistic. I'm scared

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      IM BALL

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    • Bigboos


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    Kimmy x Damien forever 🥰

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    I love how the karen was shock about how nice he was.

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    chris Jermyn

    The person who leaves items where ever they want

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    The-Amazing Kieran

    It’s good to see that, Comedy Central Asia is ripping of the “Every blank ever” idea.

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    Gogo gaga😟

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    You forgot when someone tried to pay in 18 different methods or only pays in change

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    wait ladys i forgot i can quit my job

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    Imiss old Smosh anthony and ian lol

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    Damn I come back to this shit😭😭

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    Jesus died and rose 3 days later for our sins

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    GManM1 30-06

    So true I’m a cashier and see things like this alot

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    "fuck susan. I'm putting down paula" 🤣😂

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    7:01 the most realistic scenario in this video

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    Lmao this video is so funny🤣🤣

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    It says baby nap on the wall not baby gap Damien

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    Amalgamation Prime

    Seriously? Why are outputs from lawnmowers expensive as hecc? At this point Kimmy should have had a cheezy slider slammers burger for $2.09.

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    Ruben Oemeloem

    I like how the father died that day and shes already in mourning clothes😂

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    Ian fire those idiots and bring Anthony back

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    This video is funny

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    Why do they censor the word hole

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    I will be in all comment sections

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    I just fucking Learned that Shane was on Henry Freakin Danger. Im freaking out.

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    Corpyy101 Roblox

    Haven’t they been stuck at 25mil for a looooooong time

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    Air Force Juan

    That last one tho 😂😂😂

  • Rafael

    2:51 - Actually that's a 2% cut, 1/36 = 0.02, 0.02 is not percentage.

  • Jessy Bunnell
    Jessy Bunnell

    Tell me why I just got floormart. I used to work at Walmart

  • Austin

    Honestly I think I'd rather have stage 4 cancer than work in retail

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    It doesn’t feel the same without Ian and Antony

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    Ruben Garcia

    i miss old smosh :[

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    Helo 👉like

  • Marie Wright
    Marie Wright

    I've had a few people be like "I want to speak to your manager " And every time the manager has sided with me. I've worked at the same place for 9years. If I can help /do something I will if not it's because I can't.

  • EpicGamer541

    I work at retail, specifically Walmart, and I can confirm that this is true

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    SSJ*JOSE *

    Tf happened to this channel

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    Lisander Martinez

    I love Walmart and Floormart. I wonder when Roofmart is opening.

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    plush Battles

    Who misses the "SHUT UP! " sounds.

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    I get the joke instead of Wallmart its floormart

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  • weird.

    1:36 - 2:19 is that a 'Superstore' reference!?

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    killer Zak

    Make an (every Karen ever)

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    Josh Urban

    .bbnb. Mmm n;non n=no. Bb/ vbvbn m xbgbvvv. Vbbb n

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    Aaron Ferrer

    "Is it safe?" Killed me 😭

  • Rodrigo Silva Canevaro
    Rodrigo Silva Canevaro

    in chile we call walmart "LIDER" and we burning up in 2019 ( im not joking )

  • tom

    “this only cost 4 and 1/2 hours of work” that hit me haaard😂

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf

    jokes on them, i only cry on the inside when i sel credit cards at work, and im somehow the best in the store

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    Zuri Liacroan

    So no one saw the comment when she said Facebook live??

  • Lunareclipse2008

    That blue top in the first scene looks amazing on cortney

  • Samantha Christiansen
    Samantha Christiansen

    Smosh said ," every bath and body works ever " lol

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    Cindy Emerick

    Well the old video is different on 2005In AndNewest video is kinda Bit old 2021 I do like the old video Brothers there are Fun but the newest video no really 2021

  • WhosBenjamin

    Workin in retail this is all to real hahah 😂😭

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    Is anybody else gonna call out the 75 dollar toilet paper???

  • moonninja

    Yea that's a cute bab lol

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    Miguel Mena

    Amanda is freaking hot in an Amazon women way!!!!!

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    I swear I heard half life button noises in the makeup one.

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    7:00 XD

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    Jan Kien Louis Escober

    The new guy is good

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    Floormart 😂🤣

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    next please Next please Next there please Sorry I'll take you over here Next please EXCUSE ME NEXT PLEASE Customer with the whole town behind them: *stares into space*

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    Come on they should do every karen ever

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    WTF Is this sh*T? This is not the SMOSH i remember.

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    i remember when anthony was aroubd

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    Floormart, Walmart, Ceilingmart.

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    I wish I worked at one of those marts. :)

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    i'm literally getting filled with entertainment from these every blank videos

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    The miscellaneous british youtuber

    What happed to antony

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      zam meya

      He quit

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    Sign up for a credit card or I’ll cry at youuuu😂😂

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    Charles Lamagne

    I met Ian in like 2016 I was skating with a friend on hillhurst avenue and he walked by and I asked him if he was a ISnetsr and he said yes

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    Ur on Facebook live phone screen mom stop posting this stuff!

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    Wtf is this shit

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